Finding Hidden Gems!

The fact that my family has always been hoarders (well, my mum’s side of the family anyway), is a good thing, as it means there are so many documents, artifacts, photographs and other memorabilia that has been preserved, so I’ve started documenting these over on my other blog at Memorabilia House. But this post isn’t here to tell you all about that … well not exactly. It’s about the “hidden gems” that I have been finding as I’ve been documenting the items. And in this case I’m referring to what been finding in old bibles.

Our family has a LOT of old bibles around the place. But since my reli’s were a religious bunch, as some were ministers, and others founded churches, and donated land for churches I guess it’s not really surprising.

Discovering Ephemera #2 – Old Newspaper Pictures

It was back in July that I started off my Discovering Ephemera series by introducing your to my great grandfather’s school report card from 1886. That was very cool, and a wonderful little treasure to have found.

Today I wish to share with you some old pictures the were printed periodically in the newspapers. These pictures came from the South Australian Chronicle (1888), and the South Australian Observer (1898). As both of these are newspapers that no longer exist you can read a little more about the history of each of these newspapers here.

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: T is for … Teddy Bears

T is one of the few letters that I knew right from the beginning what I wanted to right about – annnnd have stuck to it. So for T in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, I would like to say that


I don’t there’s too many of us that weren’t given a teddy bear, or something similar as a baby. But how many of you still have your treasured teddy? I know some would, but in asking that question an awful lot of hands would have gone down.

I wanting to share two very special teddy bears with you today – these are heirloom teddy bears.

Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: J is for [Heirloom] Jewellery

Anyone that really knows me … knows that I am a total jewellery freak (the top picture is just a few of the M-A-N-Y necklaces I have). I love my rings, bracelets and necklaces … so it made sense to write about jewellery for this post. Though not about ‘my’ jewellery, but rather heirloom jewellery.

J is for Jewellery

While these items would be classed as useless jewellery to others, each has sentimental value, which is something that cannot be replaced.