Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: J is for [Heirloom] Jewellery

Anyone that really knows me … knows that I am a total jewellery freak (the top picture is just a few of the M-A-N-Y necklaces I have). I love my rings, bracelets and necklaces … so it made sense to write about jewellery for this post. Though not about ‘my’ jewellery, but rather heirloom jewellery.

J is for Jewellery

While these items would be classed as useless jewellery to others, each has sentimental value, which is something that cannot be replaced.

I’ve decided to show these heirlooms from most recent (meaning starting with me) and going back to the oldest items, which are ones that belonged to my grandma.


This was my baby bracelet which was given to me when I was just a few months old

This is a bracelet that was my mum’s. She was born in May, and the birthstone for May is emerald – hence the green stones.

This is another bracelet which was given to my mum. It has the initials M.A.H. (Maxine Anthea Hannaford) even though her name is Anthea Maxine, as my grandma was never sure what her ‘registered’ name actually was 😀

here are three marcasite brooches that were my grandma’s. I actually don’t know anything about these, as in when or where she got them from – so cannot put any real date on them.

this one is really special – it is my grandma’s engagement ring.

Having my grandma’s engagement ring is very special to me, and apart from the sentimental value, it is a really pretty ring. Very intricate.

Writing this post, I realised that I actually had no idea of when my grandparents  got engaged. Was it a long engagement, or a short one? I had no idea. So that sounded like as good excuse (actually, who needs an excuse) to visit Trove. And 2 minutes later I had my answer …

The Advertiser, Wednesday 15 May 1940 ….

engagement notice for Evelyn Randell and Cecil Hannaford

This post forms part of the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge issued by Gould Genealogy & History.

7 Responses to “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: J is for [Heirloom] Jewellery”

  1. Alona,

    I hadn’t thought about the treasures (only sentimental value) of my Mum’s that I have in my drawers. I must ask her the stories about them.

    Thanks for sharing your treasures and alerting me to another source of family stories.

  2. Kerryn says:

    Alona, I also had a baby bracelet nearly identical to yours. I don’t know what happened to mine though but I can still remember it very clearly. Great post and thanks for jogging my memory.

  3. Fi says:

    Beautiful jewellery, Alona. I’m thinking about doing something similar for my J post 🙂

  4. Carey says:

    Lovely pics. Some of my favourite pieces of jewellery are those from my grandma, her mothers engagement ring and a lovely peridot necklace. I rarely wear them though as I am scared I will lose them somewhere!

  5. Sharon says:

    A great Post, which I totally relate to. I love jewellery too and my husband has bought me many pieces over the years. Unfortunately I have mixed them all up and can’t remember the occasion for each piece now. I should have listed earlier!
    I wore a cameo belonging to my great great grandmother on my wedding day (something old). It is handed to the oldest granddaughter (skips a generation) so I now own it. It sits in the safe though as I am not game to wear it as I can’t bear the thought of losing it.

  6. Geraldene says:

    Thanks for writing that Alona. You do a wonderful job at putting your thoughts together, and inform us of many aspects of Genealogy. I think I might be able to add some more to your collection with some of Great Grandma Hannaford’s things. Will show you when next we see you; but you will probably have to remind me!!

  7. Alona says:

    Thanks for all your very kind comments and feedback.

    Jill – I just wish I knew more about each of the items, but I guess the bonus is that I have them, and know some stories 🙂

    Geraldene – Ooh something from Great Grandma … wow, that’d be awesome. I did hear a rumour of a trip that A&A might make down south soon 🙂

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