Movember Ancestors #6: The Randell Brothers

For today’s Movember picture we hit the jackpot with three of four Randell brothers having impressive moustaches.

Anyone who had followed my blog for any length of time will know that I have written oodles of posts that relate to the Randell family from Berry Pomeroy in Devon and Gumeracha, South Australia. However I have tended to focus on my direct line, my great grandpa John Beavis “JB” Randell, and his father William Beavis Randell rather than branch off onto many of William’s other children – those from his first marriage (he had nine).

Francis Henry “Frank” Randell was one of William Beavis’ sons, and these handsome boys are his sons. From left we have: Gerald, Allan, Horace, and Francis “Frank Jnr”. This photo isn’t dated, but Gerald was born in 1881, so I would say that this photo was taken early 1900s.

Movember #06a sons of Frank H. Randell

The four sons of Frank Randell and Sarah Nickels.
From left we have Gerald, Allan, Horace, and Francis “Frank Jnr” Randell.

Movember Ancestors #5: William Bond

Our #5 Movember Ancestors post features William Bond. Now let me be honest with you, I don’t know who William Bond is even though I do have this gorgeous photograph of him.

My dad, who was the local historian for the Gumeracha region a number of years ago, has all sorts of photographs and ephemera that relate to people connected to the region, but who aren’t actually related to our own family. This one comes from a box of photos he has titled “Gumeracha”.

Movember Ancestors #4: Gustaf Adolf ‘Gösta’ Winter

For this Movember Ancestor picture we head to Finland.

My great grandpa Otto Rafael Winter was a seaman who arrived in Australia in 1907, leaving behind his whole family in Finland.  So I am one eighth Finnish.

Otto was of six children. He had two older sisters and three younger brothers. Gustaf who was generally known as Gösta was one of his brothers.

Gustaf ‘Gosta’ Winter here with a lady who is possibly his wife Astrid Österlund, c.1926-1930

Gustaf ‘Gosta’ Winter here with a lady who is possibly his wife Astrid Österlund, c.1926-1930

Gösta has a fairly standard “English” style moustache in this picture. It is very neat, and goes well with the smart, distinguished look he has here.

The inscription on the bottom of the photo says G.A. Winter, Helsingfors (which is another name for Helsinki in Finland) and is where the Winter family came from.

Movember Ancestors #3: Allan John McDonald

For my third Movember Ancestors photo, I’m sharing one of Mr Lonetester’s family photographs. One that I only saw for the very first time a few days ago, as I didn’t even know it existed.

This is a stunning photograph of his great grandparents, Allan John McDonald and Emma Louise Maria Paech.  Both South Australian born, this couple married in 1906 at Murray Bridge in South Australia. It’s a huge photo (over A3 in size), and was obviously in a frame as some time which would have looked beautiful.