Movember Ancestors #6: The Randell Brothers

For today’s Movember picture we hit the jackpot with three of four Randell brothers having impressive moustaches.

Anyone who had followed my blog for any length of time will know that I have written oodles of posts that relate to the Randell family from Berry Pomeroy in Devon and Gumeracha, South Australia. However I have tended to focus on my direct line, my great grandpa John Beavis “JB” Randell, and his father William Beavis Randell rather than branch off onto many of William’s other children – those from his first marriage (he had nine).

Francis Henry “Frank” Randell was one of William Beavis’ sons, and these handsome boys are his sons. From left we have: Gerald, Allan, Horace, and Francis “Frank Jnr”. This photo isn’t dated, but Gerald was born in 1881, so I would say that this photo was taken early 1900s.

Movember #06a sons of Frank H. Randell

The four sons of Frank Randell and Sarah Nickels.
From left we have Gerald, Allan, Horace, and Francis “Frank Jnr” Randell.

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