Movember Ancestors #5: William Bond

Our #5 Movember Ancestors¬†post features William Bond. Now let me be honest with you, I don’t know who William Bond is even though I do have this gorgeous photograph of him.

My dad, who was the local historian for the Gumeracha region a number of years ago, has all sorts of photographs and ephemera that relate to people connected to the region, but who aren’t actually related to our own family. This one comes from a box of photos he has titled “Gumeracha”.

As he’s not anyone that I’ve researched I can’t say a lot about him. But judging by the uniform (without any expert knowledge here), and the style of photograph I’m guessing he was in the military for the Boer War, but feel free to¬†advise if you know of anything different.

Movember #05a - William Bond Gumeracha Movember #05b - William Bond Gumeracha

Well whoever William Bond was, he certainly looks very suave, and putting in the context of Movember, I think his ‘tache really suits him.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Hello, its 6 months later, I know, but just found this – we live in William Bond’s house about 2.5 km south of the Gumeracha township, where he used to farm. I have some old photos of the place and its inhabitants, and William Bond’s grandson, now in his 90s himself, dropped in here one day and told us stories of when he stayed at the farm as a lad.

    I am collecting the history of the house and would love to see more pictures if your Dad has any. Could you put me in touch with your father please? My email address is above, thanks ever so much for posting this picture!


    • Alona says:

      Hi Kathy, my dad does have a large collection of old photos which at this stage is largely unscanned (though I am aiming to change that, but scanning does take time). As such I don’t know of any other photos specifically of Wiliiam Bond (or any other Bond’s) that he has, but I’d be getting in touch with the Gumeracha Local History Centre (, to ask what they have. and also you could put a query on the Gumeracha & District Past & Present Facebook page, others might know (and have) info.

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