Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: T is for … Teddy Bears

T is one of the few letters that I knew right from the beginning what I wanted to right about – annnnd have stuck to it. So for T in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, I would like to say that


I don’t there’s too many of us that weren’t given a teddy bear, or something similar as a baby. But how many of you still have your treasured teddy? I know some would, but in asking that question an awful lot of hands would have gone down.

I wanting to share two very special teddy bears with you today – these are heirloom teddy bears.

This first one, was given to my mum when she was born, so is over 60 years old, and yes dear old teddy has lot a little fur, and has a little hole in one paw, but he has survived this far without surgery and is doing remarkably well considering he has had three generations of children playing with him.









Now this second one is mine … he’s just Teddy, he’s never had another name. And while he’s not as old as mum’s teddy (he is over 30), I’m sure that he has had a much a harder life, as he had me as his owner. While I did love my toys, I wasn’t always the kindest to them … like when I tried to …. (actually that’ll be another story). Anyway needless to say I really did go through a phase of giving all of my teddy bears earrings and makeup, yet surprisingly there is little evidence of it these days. Today my treasured teddy resides with me.


And while I was looking around at image of teddy bears on the internet , I found this one, and just had to share it with you all.

2 Responses to “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: T is for … Teddy Bears”

  1. Catherine says:

    Ahhh … that’s a beautiful post Alona. Your mum’s teddy looks just like the one my mum bought for my daughter, Kirrily Ann, when she was born 🙂 … he “lost” his fur too and I ended up darning him all over to keep his innards in. What a happy litte cutie your teddy is and LOVE the internet picture. Thanks!!!

  2. Pauleen says:

    Your teddies look a lot like some that have lived in our house: your Mum’s and my daughters’. Cute.

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