Discovering Ephemera #2 – Old Newspaper Pictures

It was back in July that I started off my Discovering Ephemera series by introducing your to my great grandfather’s school report card from 1886. That was very cool, and a wonderful little treasure to have found.

Today I wish to share with you some old pictures the were printed periodically in the newspapers. These pictures came from the South Australian Chronicle (1888), and the South Australian Observer (1898). As both of these are newspapers that no longer exist you can read a little more about the history of each of these newspapers here.

I’m not sure who originally kept them, but I got them from from my great aunt Dorothy Randell (Auntie Dorrie to me). But since she was only born in 1906, they obviously belonged to someone prior to that.

Both pictures were stuck on to brown paper, so no doubt that helped keep them. The earlier one was in good condition, so I had it framed, the later one, sadly is in 3 pieces. But I still have it, and have preserved it via this blog for others to see.

South Australian Chronicle 1888

close up of the date, South Australian Chronicle 1888

South Australian Chronicle 1888 – note R. Randell written on the girl’s elbow. My Auntie Dorrie did have a brother who’s name started with R., so it might be him??

picture from the South Australian Observer Supplement
17 December 1898

top of the picture from the South Australian Observer Supplement, showing the date 17 December 1898

the detail in this picture is really striking

the title of this picture in the South Australian Observer Supplement
17 December 1898 is “Consolation”

So that’s my old newspaper pictures. Newspapers these days just aren’t what they used to be are they.
And it really puts it into perspective when you realise that the earlier one is 124 years old, with the latter one almost 114.

So till my next Discovering Ephemera post … thankyou for reading.

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  1. Pauleen says:

    Despite the wonders of Trove these hard copy pictures really are treasures of an earlier and different time when photos and decorative images were few and far between.

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