My Top 15 Blog Posts for 2015

I’d like to thank Judy G. Russell (aka The Legal Genealogist) for giving me the idea for this post. She recently wrote one titled “2015 Top Posts: Family” in which she lists her “top 10 family-related posts of the year, not by reader ranking… but by the ranking of the heart…”.

While I do totally love this idea, I was also intigued to know what my “top looked at” posts for 2015 were. So to find out, I headed to Google Analytics, and now have the results …

So my top 15 looked at blog posts for 2015 are:

This is a post I wrote after having to evacuate my home at the beginning of 2015 due to a bushfire. And when faced with having to packup things in a hurry, it made me realise what really is important.

14. Discovering Links: 25 Free Links for English Genealogy and History
It was June 2014 when I started my “Discovering Links” series of posts. These are a collection of links that I have found, or have found useful, and wanted to share – and I decided to group them together in themes, this one being English ones.

13. Discovering Links: Convicts, Australian Royalty
Who doesn’t like convicts and convict records? This post gives readers links to 23 convict related sites.

12. 13 Tips for First Time Geneacruisers
This is an old post from 2013, and I was must say I was surprised (but pleased) to see it in the list. Hopefully that means that there are more people who are (or are thinking of) taking a genealogy cruise.

11. My Favourite Cornish Genealogy Websites (and They’re Free)
This was a pre-curser to my Discovering Links posts, and this one lists 23 links relating to Cornish genealogy.

10. Australian History: The Bits You Didn’t Know About
I had great fun doing this post, and I hope others do when they read it. As the title suggests it covers the tidbits of Australian history that you don’t normally get taught.

9. More Free Websites for South Australia Genealogy and History
This is a follow-on post from #3 (33 Free Websites for South Australian Genealogy). That one was written some time ago, and as I knew of a bunch more links, decided to group them and do another post.

8. The Importance of a Catalogue
This was another one that I was surprised that made the list. But again, very pleased that people are reading it – because it does have an important message.

7. The “When I Was Young” Geneameme
I loved creating, and doing this Geneameme. And was so pleased that others took it on as well.

6. Discovering Links: 14 Free Links for New South Wales Genealogy and History
Another Discovering Links post made the list. This one lists 14 links for those researching News South Wales genealogy.

5. Favourite Family Tree Quotes
I am a quote person. I love quotes. So I decided to compile a collection of my fav Family History related ones. And I’m pleased to say that others have found my list, and loved them too.

4. Australian Birth, Death and Marriage Records
Written some time, this is a little out of date now, but still largely correct … and it makes it easy for me to refer people to the places they can find Australian BDM records.

3. 33 Free Websites for South Australian Genealogy
This is one of my fav posts. I had fun compiling it, an I love seeing people’s reactions when I refer them to it. Man, I find didn’t know of most of these site, so I’ve just opened up new possibilities for them.

2. 27 Golden Rules of Genealogy
I wrote this about a year ago now, and it has had a lot of views over the past year, so I do hope it has helped others along the way. While this is just my collection of “rules”, be sure to read the extras that others have written in the comments.

1. 21 ANZAC Day Facts
I wrote this for ANAZC Day back in 2013, and it got a lot of exposure then. And while I’d expect peaks around Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, what has totally blown me away is just how constantly it is looked at … all year. This one post has had more views than the rest of the top 15 all put together. Anyway I hope everyone who reads it, finds it useful.

So that’s my my “most looked at” posts for 2015 … now let’s see what 2016 brings.



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  1. Alex Daw says:

    Alona – I am such a klutz when it comes to Google Analytics. How do you find out what your top 15 blog posts were? Is there a tricky report you can create and if so how? I just go to the stats page in the design section of blogger and work it out from the page views but it’s a bit laborious. Is there an easier way? Sorry to be a dullard but if you know a trick or can direct me to instructions, I’d be very grateful.

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