My Family History Through the Alphabet Collection

Over the past six months or so I’ve been taking part in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge which I was also co-ordinating on the Genealogy & History News blog. And while it was a lot more work involved than I had anticipated, I did really enjoy it.

I was great to be able to write about things relating to my family history (people, heirlooms, websites, countries etc), and use the alphabet letters as a prompt for doing so. And even though I did finish a little late (though there wasn’t really a formal time limit), I did finally make it from A right through to Z. So this post is simply “My Family History Through the Alphabet Collection”.

A is for … A2A (Access to Archives)
B is for … [Family] Bible
C is for … Convicts
D is for … Dropbox
E is for … Emigrant Ancestors
F is for … Finland and Football
G is for … Gumeracha
H is for … Happy Dance
I is for … you guessed it … the INTERNET
J is for … [Heirloom] Jewellery
K is for … Old Words
L is for … Letters
M is for … Memories, Memoirs and a Headstone
N is for … Never-Ending New Stuff and New Jersey
O is for … Online Parish Clerks (OPC’s)
P is for … Charlotte PHILLIPS
Q is for … Quest
R is for … Reference Books and Rainbows
S is for … Searching
T is for … Teddy Bears
U is for … Undecided
V is for … Vintage Style
W is for … lots of Ws
X is for … Signatures
Y is for … Yesteryear
Z is for … The End? Not a Chance

I am amazed at the varying topics that I came up with. I’m also amazed at the number that I changed from my original idea. And while there were a couple of letters that were challenging, it is great to be able to say that I completed the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Congratulations Alona … and you finished off brilliantly, with a “bang” and not a “fizzle” 🙂 …

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