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I’ve started a new Facebook page. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for some time, and earlier this week I took the plunge and went ahead and did it. This is my “Gumeracha and District Past and Present” page.

Now I’m not new to making Facebook pages, as I have my own Lonetester page as well as numerous ones for work, so that was a piece of cake. For me the hardest part was actually making the decision to do it. I had started putting local history photographs up on my Lonetester Facebook page which were liked by many, but before putting more up, I decided to think about it, and eventually decided that I should make it a proper page of it’s own … hence “Gumeracha and District Past and Present”.

The little intro explains about the Facebook page …

I’ve started this page as a way to share the information that I have relating (mostly) to the Adelaide Hills towns of Gumeracha and Cudlee Creek.

And with participation from others, this can be a place to share and record history of the numerous towns throughout the Gumeracha district, which include Birdwood, Cudlee Creek, Forreston, Gumeracha, Hermitage, Houghton, Inglewood, Kenton Valley, Kersbrook, Millbrook, Mount Torrens, and Paracombe.

I have M-A-N-Y photos that relate to this region thanks to my dad being the local historian way back, prior to the Gumeracha Local History Centre being formed, which he was also involved in forming. Sadly many of the photos are unnamed, so I’m hoping with community help that we’ll be able to name some of the people or places that are in these beautiful old photos.

While the Gumeracha Local History Centre do have fabulous volunteers, and an amazing collection of records, none of it is online. So I’m making use of the power of social media to get get history out to the people.

At this stage I have no plans to start a separate Gumeracha History blog, but you never know, things can change. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be creating this Facebook page if you’d asked me a year ago, or even six months ago – but here I am. So for my Gumeracha history related blog posts, you still find them right here on Lonetester HQ.

So if you are from this region of the Adelaide Hills, or know of others who are and who are interested in it’s history, tell them about about my new Facebook page, the more the merrier, and we can all share and enjoy the history together.

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