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By now you’ve probably already heard that the legend of genetic genealogy, Blaine Bettinger (yes THE one and only, the one who is the author of the insanely popular “The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy’), is coming down under to Australia in August 2019, to teach us all about DNA and genealogy, and everything relating to it.

In fact he is one of a team of genetic genealogists that will be touring Australia to give everyone from the “I’ve not even tested yet, why should I?” through to the advanced users who already understand what ‘haplotype’ and ‘phasing’ mean.

The presenters will not only be explaining just how useful DNA is for genealogy, but also how to understand and make the most of the results. There’s also talks on ethics, using DNA to solve 18th/19th Century secrets, and using third party DNA tools, and how to get the most from your results from the various DNA testing companies.

If that sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), then keep on reading ….

The tour covers day-long seminars in 5 Australian cities (Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra), and ends with a 3-day DNA-fest in Sydney. As the Sydney topics are largely different to the other states, quite a number are doing “DNA to the Max”  which is 1 day in your own state + 3 days in Sydney, which really is the UL-TI-MATE!!! This is actually what I’m doing (Adelaide + Sydney), and while I reckon my head will be swimming after day 2  (let alone day 4), I know I’ll learn a lot.

The whole tour goes for 2 1/2 weeks, starting in Brisbane on 14th August 2019, and ends in Sydney, so here’s the dates of what’s on when:

Brisbane – Wed 14 Aug
Perth – Sat 17 Aug
Adelaide – Tue 20 Aug
Melbourne – Fri 23 Aug
Canberra – Mon 26 Aug
Sydney – Thu-Sat 29-31 Aug

If you haven’t yet booked, but are super keen to go – you’re in luck because as a DNA Down Under Ambassador I’ve been given a 1-day pass to giveaway (value $155). This can be used at any of the states, including Sydney (but just for a single day). The value is $155, and you’re getting to hear not only Blaine who is known as one to the best genetic genealogy speakers in the world, you’re going to hear the best from Australia and New Zealand as well. The speakers do vary from state to state, but Louise Coakley, Kerry Farmer. Mike Murray, Michelle Patient, Helen Smith, Mike Murray, Claire Forster, Shelley Crawford, Fiona Brooker, Gail Edwards, Brad Argent and Jason Reeve who along with Blaine, are going to teach you SO MUCH about DNA, you’ll be a pro by the end of the day!

To enter you need to answer 4 questions, and email me your answers.
1. If you’ve already tested, have you had any surprises with DNA? If you haven’t tested, do you think you’ll find any?
2. What do you hope that DNA will help you discover?
3. Have you made new family connections through DNA? If so, tell me a little about it.
4. If you win, which city do you intend to go to?

Send your responses to me at:, and be sure to get your entry in by Friday 12th July. The winner will be announced on social media that weekend (and emailed with details on how to get your free ticket).

THE Ts&Cs:
Sorry guys, but there does have to be a just few Ts&Cs.
1. You can only enter if you haven’t already booked
2. The winning ticket is not transferable
3. The ticket covers your entry to a day-long event at the the city of your choice, and includes lunch as well. But sorry, but airfares and accommodation are not covered.

More information on the event can be found at


UPDATE: Entries have closed. And the winner has been drawn, and CONGRATULATIONS goes to Helen Dell.

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