Was it More Than a Dream?

Dreams (the sleeping-type ones, not the wishful-thinking ones) are odd. You go to sleep, you enter a world where everything seems possible and makes sense – though it clearly doesn’t – but it sure does in that world – then you wake up, and for the most part forget about what it was you even dreamt about.

Dreams can make you happy, sad, scared or leave you feeling any number of other emotions. So yes, they are odd. However this post isn’t to tell you about dreams, but rather to tell you about one I had.

I have you intrigued don’t I. A dream on a genealogy related blog? How’s that work?

Well yes there is a tie-in to genealogy … but firstly in case you haven’t heard what a QuickSheet (or QuickGuides as another place calls them) is – let me enlighten you. The Genealogical Publishing Company and also Legacy Family Tree both publish these type of guides. They are A3 folded, and laminated – so essentially 4 pages of A4. And as their name suggests they are quick reference sheets to a particular topic or place. You need to know what they are for my dream to make sense.

So here goes …

In my dream I was reading a QuickSheet Guide which gave 5 points on how to breakdown your brickwalls (not that I even know if one is available – but in my dream it was), and I had a copy. I remember sitting down to read it, and the first point stood out to me, as it said … 1. Stand on your head. That just sounds wierd, but the little spiel below it says “You need to look at things in a different way, from a different angle, that way you see things that you never noticed before.” Hence the standing on your head bit.  I thought that was very cool … and continued reading .

I do remember reading number 2, and thinking it was as equally profound as the first. But sadly I don’t remember what it was. So that’s where my dream ends.

So my dream taught me that if you have a brickwall “stand on your head”! And honestly I don’t think the idea is a silly one.

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