Two More Convicts in the Family

Last week was very exciting as I added to more convicts to my family … woohoo, yippee, happy dance 😉

Well it was almost as exciting as that. Last week I received two more convict smurfs to add to my collection, which now brings my total to eight.

Back in my childhood, when Smurfs they first came out I was a collector, and from memory I had about 30 or so, I’m really not sure what happened to that collection. But anyway recently (in the last year or so) I have resurrected my interest in Smurfs, but have now narrowed my interest to ONLY the convict ones.

I’m not really sure why I chose convict ones, expect they seemed very appropriate and a family historian who has convict roots. Also it saves me money since they don’t come up for sale that often.

Anyway when TWO came up for sale on ebay within the one week, they had to be MINE!!!! Long story short, auctions won, items posted, and Smurfs arrived … so here’s my little convict smurf family.

Thanks to my two new convict smurfs, my collection of eight of them is actually starting to look like a collection ;-).

Anyway what is it that you collect? And do you find it super-exciting when you get something new that you can add to your collection?


2 Responses to “Two More Convicts in the Family”

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh… so so gorgeous Alona. Had NO idea that “Convict Smurfs” existed. My children, being of your generation, loved and collected Smurfs. My youngest had Smurf bed-linen, the remains of which still take up space in my linen cupboard 🙂 … Had to stop going on E-bay because my weakness is crockery from my childhood, depression glass and glass cups & saucers. Also old recipe books. Amazing how much “dosh” we sometimes fork out for nostalgia. {chuckle}

  2. Carey says:

    They are cool. I loved them as a kis as well. Luckily for me the new my little ponies are ugly as I collected them when I was younger. I collect antique books and have spent way too much money on them. My biggest treasures are the 1641 edition of Samuel Daniel’s history of England. The same edition Samuel Pepys had in his collection. The only reason I could afford it was that it has been rebound recently. My other favourite is chronicles of the old bailey 1700-1785 published in 1783. I’m still searching for volume 3, but hunt is the fun part.

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