Twile: A Different Way to Show Off Your Family Tree

Let me introduce you to Twile. This is something I’ve been playing with recently, but it has actually been around for a year or two now, so some of you may already know how fun it is.

First up let me just say that Twile is a website that allows you to display your family and milestones as a timeline … and, not only that, it is totally FREE.

As it offers timelines, don’t expect a traditional tree-type chart from them. The timelines are created by using data that you either you enter, or a gedcom file you upload. To add to this, you can also add photos, milestones, and historical events which everyone in your family can view and contribute to.

At RootsTech 2016 Twile won both the People’s Choice Award as well as the Innovator Showdown, so it’s certainly grabbed people’s attention.

And the claims that it “makes genealogy more engaging” is true. Apart from a graphical timeline of your own tree, they can create a statistics infographic based on your family. Now this is truly cool, and here’s mine …

twile infographic


To get this simply upload your gedcom (or link to an online tree) – if you hadn’t already got one there for your timeline, wait a few mins … and wallah, it’s there in your inbox!! Go ahead and try it for yourself, and if you have Irish ancestry, there’s a special green infographic for you here

twile infographic Irish

So if you’re looking for a novel way to show off your tree, or a way to get your family interested in family history, why not try Twile? It could just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

4 Responses to “Twile: A Different Way to Show Off Your Family Tree”

  1. Alona
    I wrote a blog post last year. which includes an interview with Paul Brooks from Twile.

  2. Hi,Thanks for trying Twile and for the review! It’s great to see your infographic showing the stats for the 10,000 + people on your tree:-) Caroline from Twile

    • Alona says:

      No problem Caroline … thanks for creating the great website and software that allows us to do these things.

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