Trove Tuesday: Men Chased By Wild Sea Lion

It’s been a while since I have done a Trove Tuesday post, but when my auntie-in-law sent me a link to an article about her dad Dick Tester, that appeared in the News newspaper back in 1952, I knew that was going to be my very next post.

So we have a group of young men. A fishing trip to Kangaroo Island. And a sea lion.  Was this a young man’s adventure, or was it a scene from a scary movie? You be the judge.

Men chased by wild sea lion. (1952, September 22). News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), p. 10. Retrieved September 22, 2014, from

Men chased by wild sea lion. News, 22 September 1952, p.10.

Based on my knowledge of the Tester family, I could totally believe that the person who actually poked the sea lion was indeed Mr Lonetester’s grandpa, Richard ‘Dick’ Tester.

A typical Sea Lion

Once again the newspapers on Trove have come up with the most amazing story. And while the older generation had sort-of heard of this story, it was totally new to me and Mr Lonetester, so may well have been another story lost to time, had it not been for discovering this story.

5 Responses to “Trove Tuesday: Men Chased By Wild Sea Lion”

  1. What a story. I’ve seen the sea lions on Kangaroo Island and they appeared so peaceful but….I wouldn’t have poked them.

  2. Mr LoneTester says:

    Yay! It’s genetic!

  3. Bill says:

    Love Trove, my Grandfather is mentioned there a couple of times. And “Eyes and Crowle”

  4. Christopher Tew says:

    Benjamin Tester (born 1889)married Emily L Rayment (born 1881), a cousin of my grandmother, in London in 1912. They emigrated to Sydney before WW1 with their baby daughter Sylvia A Tester (born 1913). Any news of their subsequent life and of their descendants would be most welcome. In return I can offer a family tree of Emily Tester going back to the 1780s.

    • Alona says:

      Hello Christopher, Thank you for your comments. I haven’t personally done a lot of research on the Tester side of the family, but I do know that my Tester’s come from Sussex, and emigrated out to Australia sometime between 1870-1890. I’m sure I have the date, but it’s not in my database at present. My auntie-in-law is doing a Tester One-Name Study, you might like to get in touch with her, if so send me an email to, and I can forward it on.

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