Trove Tuesday: Grandpa Won a Competition

My mum’s dad, my maternal grandpa, Grandpa Cecil Hannaford was someone that I knew. But I feel I never ‘really’ knew him if you know what I mean. I knew that he always had 6 meals a day (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, tea, and supper). I knew that he usually wore his hat to church, and quite often fell asleep during the service, which resulted in an elbow to the ribs from my grandma to wake him up. He loved nature which is shown by the collection of slides of birds and flowers he took, as well as the many documentary type DVDs he had … these together with a whole heap of other anecdotal memories are my grandpa to me. But he was far more than that!

Grandpa was farmer and orchardist, and was born and bred into the life from his forebears who were in the same business. His father bought the farm at Cudlee Creek when grandpa was in high school, and he lived and breathed farm life, and ultimately in 2000 died doing what he loved, working on the farm.

While browsing around on Trove (which is commonly becoming known as “Troving”) I came across two articles relating to Grandpa Cec Hannaford that really got my attention. For two years in a row, Cecil Hannaford won the under 15s Apple Packing Competion.

Now this is a period of his life that I really didn’t know anything about, so it is very cool to add in a little more detail to his life. And having a picture showing him is simply ‘icing on the cake’.

APPLE PACKING COMPETITION. (1928, November 10). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 20. Retrieved June 17, 2013, from

Apple Packing Competition, The Chronicle, 10 November 1928, p. 20

BOYS PACK FRUIT AT SHOW. (1929, September 21). The Register News-Pictorial (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931), p. 16. Retrieved June 17, 2013, from

Boys Pack Fruit at Show, The Register-News Pictorial, 21 September 1929, p. 16.


5 Responses to “Trove Tuesday: Grandpa Won a Competition”

  1. Dot Elder says:

    This is such an exciting find Alona! I just had to comment. Good old Trove!

    • Alona says:

      Thankyou for your kind comments Dot, Diane, Sharn and Frances. Trove is a never-ending great resource, and you can certainly find all sorts there, but the photo of grandpa was a HUGE surprise and so wonderful to see.

  2. Such happy faces in that photo! What a great find. Hope that someone looking for the young Robert Schultz or Eric Stewein will come across your post too.
    And ‘Troving’ is a great term. You are lucky to have a newspaper resource like Trove. ( ‘Up here’ in coastal British Columbia, Canada, I usually refer to my endless old newspaper film reading as ‘trolling’ since there are lots of fish boats here.)

  3. Sharn White says:

    What a great find Alona! Thriving is such fun!!

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