Transfer Camera Photos to Your Device By Wifi. EyeFi It!

This is a post that is nothing to do with genealogy or family history. Nothing to with local history. Not even history related. Instead it’s of those those “hey, let me tell you about the cool thing I’ve found” posts, that I wanted to write about.

A few of you may have heard of the Mobi EyeFi card, but I bet most haven’t. I first heard of the EyeFi Cards a few years ago, and got into using it for my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner. Now I have the newer version and I use it in my camera. And by camera, I mean proper one, not my smartphone.

I thought the Eye-Fi cards were better known that I found when I went to buy my new one. While I’m sure of the bigger name camera stores have them, there isn’t any near me anymore as they do seem to be a dying breed. So I tried a number of electrical stores, but none of those had even heard of it. So I ended purchasing one from eBay instead. But look around and you’ll find them.

This is what what you get. The little orange thing is the Mobi EyeFi card, the rest packaging!

This is what what you get. The little orange thing is the Mobi EyeFi card, the rest packaging!

info on the back of the packaging

info on the back of the packaging

The idea of the EyeFi card, is that firstly they are like any SD card. They slot into your camera or scanner and store your photos or scans. But here’s the BUT … they also link in with your computer or other device and transfer those images wirelessly without you having to manually take the card out, slot it in, load them up and copy them off. I shouldn’t complain about having to do that, but apparently I am getting lazy, so I love the idea of the Eye-Fi cards.

While my camera is an ‘auto-everything-point-and-shoot’ one, it takes better pictures than my phone, so now I can take a photo on my camera, and it will be sent to my phone. Firstly I leave my camera on, then make sure that the wifi on my phone is showing as being connected to “EyeFi”, and then that photo will transfer to it, so then I can easily upload to social media from there.

The Mobi EyeFi cards coming two versions, the regular Mobi EyeFi card and the Mobi Pro EyeFi, with the difference that the Pro version also lets you transfer RAW photos as well as JPG images. And they also come in two sizes 16GB and 32GB.

mobi-eyefi-cardsBut a word of warning, they’re not cheap. The one I bought which was just the regular version (not Pro), 32GB, Mobi EyeFi card cost $179.00 (that’s Australian dollars), but if you look around you can get them a bit cheaper.

It should be handy as it means that I can take my camera and phone to places without the need to take my laptop just to get the pics off. Or the need to wait until I get home to take them off, anyway.

So for those who like techy-toys, this is a good one for you.

Visit the EyeFi website for more info:

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  1. Janice Haynes says:

    In the US, Amazon has the 32Pro @ $85 and the 16Pro @ $54.

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