‘Tis the Season for Christmas Cards

In going through old family ephemera I found this beautiful old Christmas card … and as it’s almost Christmas I’d share it now.

There’s no santa, no reindeer, no snowman, no tree or even ornaments on this card. It is simple and yet very elegant. And I know I’m right in saying “they sure don’t make ’em like they used to”.

This Christmas card (postcard) was sent to my great great grandma Phebe Randell (nee Robbins), at ‘Salem Glen’, Gumeracha, from someone named Bert who lived at Woodville in South Australia … though I’m yet to discover who Bert is. Is he a family member, or just a friend? I’ve added it to the “must-check-out-one-day” list.

What i find interesting on this is the spelling of Phebe here (Febe), as well as Salem (Salam with the S back-to-front).

Christmas card from Bert front

Christmas card from Bert back

Salem Glen, for those not familiar with the town of Gumeracha is the name of a property that is on the land behind the current Gumeracha Hospital. This land was given to Phebe when her husband, William Beavis Randell died in 1876 and she built the “Salem Glen” house.

The card is undated but it is likely to be in the late 1800s. Produced by J. Beagles & Co. Ltd. who started in 1881, and the business continued through until 1939. You can see that the front of the card looks like a quilt, but in fact it is embossed paper which gives that effect. But you have to agree it does look very cool, doesn’t it!

Now putting this into some kind of perspective, this card is at least over 100 years old, maybe even up to 120 years. So think about the Christmas cards you send and receive. Do you think any of them will still be around in 100+ years time? I’m guessing most of mine won’t be … but you never know.

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  1. That is beautiful, Alona.

    I save all the cards I get from close family but I imagine they will go in a a skip when I turn up my toes.

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