Tips for Genealogy Bloggers

While I was writing this post, I had a feeling that I had written something similar some time ago. And sure enough back in 2013, I wrote “Tips for Geneablogger Readers and Writers“.

In rereading that list, I still find all of those points are 100% valid, so won’t repeat the whole thing, but rather have summarised them below, and now I want to add a couple of extras.

Summary list … 
1. Allow comments on your blog
2. If you use photographs on your blog, label them
3. Put share buttons on your blog
4. Have a search function on your blog
5. Use images, there’s plenty you can get for free
6. If you a blog post and you liked it, leave a comment

Now for my extras …
1. Include details
By this I mean if you are writing about an ancestor be specific. Include names, dates and places as Google indexes these, and people search for them will end up on your blog. It’s pure cousin-bait.

2. Use your own voice
Write in your own voice, your own style. You don’t have to be a novelist or author to be a blogger. Just simply write like you talk. As the title says “use your own voice”, and it will sound natural to people. And natural helps connect with people.

So in essence, make your blog look good, people like pictures. And make it easy for people to share, and find their way around your blog.

That’s just my suggestions, and I’m no pro-blogger by far. But these are things I’ve just picked up over the years of reading and writing blogs, so hopefully someone will find them useful. And by the way, these apply any blogger – not just genealogy bloggers.

4 Responses to “Tips for Genealogy Bloggers”

  1. Jana Last says:


    I want to let you know that your post is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Pauleen says:

    Good outline Alona! May I add one more? Reply to your commenters so they know you’ve read what they said, and it might start a dialogue.

    • Alona says:

      Pauleen, by all means add any extras you wish. And yes, that is a great tip that I missed, so thanks for the reminder.

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