Time to Pack My Bags … well Almost!

You know it’s just over 3 weeks and I’ll be on this boat. Yes that mega-ship that’s pictured below.  Yes, it’s true. Unlock the Past’s 3rd History & Genealogy Cruise which has always ‘next year’ is actually only literally days away. So now I’m trying to get my head around what to pack for a 9 day cruise (and a geneacruise at that) from Sydney to Fiji and back.

So it’ll be me and about 4000 others on the boat. But of those there will be about 150 other genealogy nuts to hang out with, not to mention share research tips and stories with. So it’s a huge boat, and between all the seminars that are scheduled, and my desire to walk everywhere rather than use the lifts (that’ll be my exercise while onboard) I’m reckoning that I won’t get to see it all. But we shall see …  February the 10th is not far away.

Voyager of the Seas

So with this ridiculously hot summer that we’re having in South Australia, followed by a cruise to the Pacific Islands I’ll be so acclimatised to the warmth, that I’m bound to hate the cold,which is a bummer since in March I’ll be packing everything warm that fits into my bags and heading off to Salt Lake City for the 3rd annual RootsTech conference. Mind you it’s really, really hard to think of warm clothes while sitting at home with the airconditioner on and it’s still 38C (100F) at 8.30pm at night.

Anyway this will be a big thing for me, as firstly I’ve never flown further than New Zealand, so spending over 24 hours flying is going to do my head in, but till I’m determined to go. Secondly this event is HUGE with thousands of people, and I’m short, so I’m bound to get lost in the crowd, but still I’m determined to go. And while I have no real plans apart from sitting in on some of the presentations and wandering the exhibitors hall, I’m really looking forward to meeting so many of the people that I’ve come to know through social media scene, from reading their blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, or on Google+.

the venue for RootsTech 2013
the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

So the pic above is where RootTech is being held. It looks rather swish doesn’t it, but then again the ship does too … it might be all a bit to fancy for me. 😉

Anyway so that’s my travel plans for February and March this year. And April  shall be back on Australian soil to recover and then catch up on the backlog of work that will no doubt be left for me.

So while I’m not quite packing my bags, but have starting making little piles of things to take already. To those that are cruising and/or at RootsTech, “see you soon”.

10 Responses to “Time to Pack My Bags … well Almost!”

  1. Wow Alona so much to look forward to. Have a great time.

  2. Jill Ball says:

    Exciting – it will be wonderful to be avle to share the fun at these two events with you.

    Rootstech is amazing but I must say that is a flattering photo of the Salt Palace.

  3. Catherine says:

    Enjoy!!! everyone… I’m as jealous as 😉

  4. Aillin says:

    Have a great time!

  5. Sharon says:

    Wow! What a start to the year. Can’t wait to read all about it.

  6. Pauleen says:

    what great fun you are going to have Alona! And the chance to meet lots of geneabloggers. We stay-at-homes will be relying all of you to keep us up with the news.

  7. Alona says:

    I’ll do my best to keep you updates – but it might be after the events. I know it’ll be intermittent internet on the ship (which will kill me) … yes, I’m just a tad addicted to logging on. And as for RootsTech I have know idea if i’ll just crash in the evenings then be up and ready to mingle again the next day – or if I’ll be up all night blogging. We shall see. Ill do my best, but be sure to watch Jill’s blog for news on both events too (geniaus.blogspot.com.au).

  8. http://www./ says:

    I love the traditional quilt blocks in these beautiful fabrics and color combos! I like your idea to mix it up to look intentional. Flying by the seat of your pants, huh? For me, most of these "I meant to do that" results, end up being my favorites.

  9. http://www./ says:

    nikki i love your book its one of my top favorites.i do not like twilight it is evil. my favorite movie is avatar it is awesome i would rate it 1000000000 stars you should watch it but do not show your sister it

  10. http://www./ says:

    Daniegirl, yes. And maybe they didn't just lose their grandpa, but who am I to assume that? I don't know anything about anybody else's life and history, except that… I know mine, and that we're all trying our best. One little thing I do know is that I am not simply an inconvenience in somebody else's life. I am hugely more than that, and so must everybody else be, to me. Thank you for leaving me a comment. Your thoughts really touched me. <3

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