The End of an Era for Inside History Magazine

It was with excitement and sadness that I received the latest copy of Inside History Magazine this week. I always get excited when it arrives as it’s such a good read, but sadness this time as along with the magazine itself was a letter stating that this would be the last.

Cassie Mercer (founder of the magazine writes) …

“It is with great sadness that I’m writing to let you know that, unless a publisher steps forward to take over Inside History, I’ve decided this issue will be my last. It’s been a difficult decision, on that I’ve only made after careful consideration … ¬†As a sole trader for the past seven years it’s been difficult to break even, and for all the hard work I’ve poured into the magazine, I’ve never taken a salary. Rather, I’ve poured my own money into the business to keep it going and make up for the losses I sustained … “

Inside History Magazine Issue 38 last issue

Issue 38, the last issue of Inside History Magazine

I remember back to the time when the idea of an new Australian genealogy and history magazine was touted, and the enthusiasm and passion that Cassie had for the idea. I remember seeing a list of possible names for the magazine (and for what it’s worth, Inside History was an excellent choice).

I remember when the Inside History Magazine team travelled to Adelaide in 2010 and exhibited at Unlock the Past Expo, and launched Issue 1 of their magazine there, and the buzz it created! it was amazing.

I’ve been a subscriber since the first issue, and over the past 7 years I’ve seen it grow and get better.

The historical articles, the events, the projects, the interviews, the blogger awards, website updates, the latest apps and book – all of that was packed into Inside History Magazine.

Sadly, the reality is that it costs a lot of money to produce a good quality magazine, and when the income isn’t covering costs there’s only so long you can continue. We saw the demise of a few of the UK genealogy magazines a few years ago.

While I’ve said that this latest issue (Issue 38, Autumn 2017) is the last issue, there is still a glimmer of hope, as Cassie said in her letter that she has put the call out to publishers in the hope that someone would keep it going. So we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that someone does.

I know I’m not the only one who believes that this was Australia’s best genealogy and history magazine. And it will certainly be missed and it leaves a gap in the industry.

And I’d like to send a message to Cassie and her team …

“Your magazine was not only a labour of love, it was a magazine of history lessons in every issue. It was so well written, so well laid out, and produced it was a joy to read. It was a quality magazine all round. Your contribution to the Australian history and genealogy community has been huge, and you should be very proud. And I’d like to wish you and your team all the very best in whatever exciting adventures life takes you on next. And THANKYOU!”

For anyone that wants a copy of the current issue or back issues, I suggest heading to the Inside History Magazine website, and buying them while they last.

So while the magazine may cease, the team at Inside History are looking continue their website and social media channels, so will still be around and keeping you informed of history and genealogy related news.

Inside History Magazines

Inside History Magazines Issues 1-19

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  1. crissouli says:


    Thanks, Chris

  2. Anna Graves says:

    Alona, I have every issue too and I love everything about it. Especially the feel of the magazine. Such a high quality publication. What a shame.

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