Still Plenty of Research Left to Do!

It goes without saying that genealogy never actually ends. There’s always another person, branch, or even half a tree left to research. Not to mention whole generations back further, or those sideways ones that grab your attention. There simply is ALWAYS more research to do.

During the end of the year while many were writing their roundups of 2013, I found a blog post on the Twisted Twigs on Gnarled Branches blog, which was asking you to tally up your family. Covering 9 generations starting from your parents and going back to 7x Great Grandparents – it puts things in perspective when you see the numbers.

Anyway I’ve seen this kind of chart before but never actually sat down and worked it out … so I thought “I’ll give it a go”. And below you’ll see it shows just how little research I have done I mean how much research I have left to do – putting in the positive there 😉 – so I won’t be short of research things to do for about 40 years so or.

Column A is for my reli’s, and the B column is for Mr Lonetester’s family.  So yeah, some serious family tree time is obviously needed one of these days  years.


Generation Actual Number Number Found A Number Found B
Parents 2 2 2
Grandparents 4 4 4
Great Grandparents 8 8 8
2x Great Grandparents 16 16 16
3x Great Grandparents 32 26 31
4x Great Grandparents 64 24 46
5x Great Grandparents 128 31 37
6x Great Grandparents 256 33 18
7x Great Grandparents 512 14 9
Total 1022 158 171


The Twisted Twigs blog post showed a column for percentage, but I chose to leave that off as I’m better with an actual number rather than a percentage, but if you choose to calculate your own research feel free to use it.

And I know my stats look really bad, but remember that genealogy is a hobby. Hobbies are fun, and hobbies are done when you get time. Sometimes you allocate more, sometimes life takes over a bit too much. So I shall work on this bit-by-bit when I can. And I’m not going to get down by “how much I haven’t done”.

And you know what, since I have this here blog, I can share with you all exciting finds when I do indeed find them.

Till then, happy family treeing! 😉

2 Responses to “Still Plenty of Research Left to Do!”

  1. At least you have 40 years! Some of yiur poor old friends do not have that luxury – I had better put my skates on.

    • Alona says:

      Well maybe we don’t all have 4o years, but think of what a fabulous headstart we’ve given the next generation. 😉

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