South Australia’s History Festival 2017 is Coming!!

May is the month that all South Australian history-lovers look forward to, as it is South Australia’s History Festival, which really is just a month-long history-fest!

To say that I was excited to get a copy of the SA History Festival program guide last weekend is an understatement. I’ll admit that I’ve already gone through it all (only once so far), and have put post-in notes on a heap of events, and even printed out a calendar for the month so I can keep track of what’s on when, and hope that not too many double up.

SA History Festival 2017 #2

South Australia’s History Festival is presented by the History Trust of South Australia, and it began its life as South Australia’s History Week back in 2004, and changed to a month-long event in 2011. This proved to be a good move, as it has grown in popularity every year since. And with over 600 events from 340 organisers this year, the interest continues to grow.

With events held not only in Adelaide city, but also Adelaide Hills, the Barossa and rural regions of the state, even Kangaroo Island, more people are learning about the history of this beautiful state of ours.

There’s an absolute overload of events on for history-lovers, and even non-history lovers. From talks and seminars, to guided walks, and bus tours. There’s workshops and exhibitions, open days at various places, and more.

SA History Festival 2017 #3From making jam the old way, to walks in cemeteries and Adelaide’s old buildings. From learning how to create audio and visual presentations with oral history recordings, to learning the stories of South Australia’s pioneer settlers, seriously there is something for everyone.

I have so many events I hope to get to, but unless I can take all of May off of work, sadly it won’t happen. Still I’ll get to some, and I look forward to those.

But my advice to you if you’re in South Australia, do yourself a favour, checkout their website. I bet you’ll find something you’d love to go to. The History Festival team have all the events listed on their website, and they have a planner that you can add events that you’re interested in to help you keep track of what you’re wanting to attend. And they even have an app!

For more on South Australia’s History Festival, check out their website, and elsewhere on social media!

Twitter: @historyfestival
Hashtag: #SAHistoryFest


2 Responses to “South Australia’s History Festival 2017 is Coming!!”

  1. Glenice Gare says:

    Thanks Alona! Our house isn’t open for History Week anymore. We are finding it a bit hard (getting older). I will definitely have a look at this website!!

  2. GenieJen says:

    Yes, so much to do and see and so little time

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