RootsTech – The People You Meet

A huge attraction of going to any genie event for me is meeting the people. Catching up with friends that you see only occasionally, and making new ones along the way. And that’s exactly what I did again while I was at the RootsTech/FGS Conference this year.

So here’s a photo collection of the “people I met” from RootsTech 2015 …

Click on each for a larger image. And if you choose to use any for your own use, I just ask that you acknowledge that it was mine originally. Really, it’s just plain courtesy.

Anyway, Enjoy !!

01 Tessa Keough, Alona Tester, Fran Kitto, and Nancy at the Commonwealth Dinner RootsTech 2015 Jill Ball Tim Firkowski Alan Phillips and Dick Eastman at the Unlock the Past Cruises stand at RootsTech 2015 

1. Tessa Keough, yours truly (moi), Fran Kitto & Nancy at the Commonwealth Dinner pre-RootsTech [sed with permission from Pauleen Cass]
2. Jill Ball (aka GeniAus)
3. Tim Firkowski (aka Sherlock Holmes and The Genealogy Assistant)
4. Alan Phillips from Unlock the Past Cruises with Dick Eastman of EOGN

Lisa Alzo at RootsTech 2015 Caroline Pointer at RootsTech 2015

5. Liza Alzo (aka The Accidental Genealogist)
6. Caroline Pointer (of 4 Your Family Story) at the FGS stand

Caitlin Gow and Alona Tester 08 Paul Hawthorne & Alona Tester

7. Caitlin Gow and me outside the Family History Library
8. Paul Hawthorne found me and took a quick photo before heading off to the next talk [used with permission from Paul]

2015-02-12 (1) Helen OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

9. some of the Aussies just before the geneablogger tour: myself, Jenny Joyce, Caitlin Gow, Sharn White and Pauleen Cass [used with persmission from Helen Smith]
10. I was so pleased that I was able to catch up with Janet Hovorka from Family Chartmasters, she’s lovely

Alona Tester and Laila Christiansen Alona Tester and Linda Robbins

11. I met up with Laila Christiansen, a geneablogger from Norway who I first met at RootsTech 2013
12. and I finally got to meet Linda Robbins

Thomas MacEntee at RootsTech 2015 Pauleen Cass, Sharn White, Caitlin Gow at RootsTech 2015

13.  the one and only Thomas MacEntee
14. Pauleen Cass, Sharn While and Caitlin Gow ready for the first Keynote talk


15. Paul Hawthorne (aka the GeneaSpy)
16. Helen Smith with Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage

Molly Neal from Elijahtree with Alona Tester (aka Lonetester) the WikiTree team at RootsTech 2015

17. I got to catch up with the wonderful Molly from Elijahtree again
18. and here’s the team from WikiTree

Amy Coffin with Alona Tester 

19. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Amy Coffin, a geneblogger from Texas
20. and I was so pleased to meet Lisa, The Zombie Genealogist from Canada

Michael LeClerc at RootsTech 2015 Claire Smith Burns from Canada with good friend Helen Smith from Australia
21. This must have been to only time Michael LeClerc actually had time to sit down all conference
22. Claire Smith Burns from Canada with good friend Helen Smith from Australia

Martha from Maia's Books Nancy, Ruth Blair and Louise St Denis at RootsTech 2015

23. Martha from Maia’s Books. This was a busy stand all conference
24. Three Canadians: Nancy, Ruth Blair and Louise St Denis

25 Helen Smith, Valerie Elkins and Alona Tester Helen Smith, Jen Baldwin from findmypast and Alona Tester

25. Helen and I met another social media friend in person. Here we are with the lovely Valerie Elkins
26. and we finally met the wonderful Jen Baldwin from Findmypast and #genchat

the StoryWorth girls: Kelsey, Hope and Krista  Dick Eastman, Cyndi Ingle, Paul Milner and Alan Phillips at the Unlock the Past Cruises stand at RootsTech 2015
27. The lovely ladies from StoryWorth, Kelsey, Hope and Krista
28. the Unlock the Past Cruises stand was a bit of a draw card. Here is Dick Eastman, Cyndi Ingle, Paul Milner and Alan Phillips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mags and Eowyn from WikiTree

29. Once being introduced to Michael Lapoco (of the Hoosier Daddy? blog), Helen and I HAD to get a photo with him – yes he’s TALL!!
30. and I caught two of the WikiTree girls Mags and Eowyn, and Eowyn is also one of the WikiChick chicks

31 The Genealogy Guys Drew Smith and George Morgan with Helen Smith 32 Cyndi Ingle and Helen Smith

31. While I’ve seen the Genealogy Guys before, I’ve never “met” them, so that was exciting. Here’s Drew Smith and George Morgan with Helen Smith
32. great friends: Cyndi Ingle and Helen Smith [used with permission from Helen]

Myko Clelland of Findmypast, and Alona Tester - with Cyndi Ingle and Dick Eastman at the Unlock the Past Cruises stand at RootsTech 2015  Alona Tester with the AncestorCloud team at RootsTech 2015

33. it was wonderful to finally meet the “Dapper Historian” Myko Clelland of Findmypast (with Cyndi Ingle and Dick Eastman in the background)
34.  and here I am with the team from AncestorCloud (am I really “that” short?)

Cheryl Hudson Passey Dear Myrtle

35. Cheryl Hudson Passey certainly got into the bling side of things
36. the very dear Dear Myrtle

Dick Eastman and James Tanner  38 Alona Tester, Helen Smith and Judy Russell

37. Dick Eastman and James Tanner resting their feet while they got the chance
38. a nice photo of myself, Helen Smith and Judy Russell after a lovely dinner out

39 geneabloggers cousin sign

39. a short-notice group geneablogger photo did manage to get some geneabloggers together, though not the 100+ that were there. Still it was a great bunch of people, and I was proud to be a part of it [used with permission from Pat Richley-Erickson]

40 Dear Myrtle

40. Myrt and Mr Myrt were kind enough to open their doors and host an after RootsTech party for a number of the geneabloggers. It was the perfect way to end a chaotic few days, and a wonderful way to meet even more people [used with permission from Pat Richley-Erickson]

Thankyou everyone for the photos and the memories!!  

14 Responses to “RootsTech – The People You Meet”

  1. Loved meeting you! Thanks for including my pic in your post!

  2. Pauleen says:

    What a great array of photos, Alona! It was wonderful to relive the happy days of RootsTech, see my old and new genimates, and a few I never got to meet unfortunately. You only have to look at the happy faces to see why people enjoy going to RootsTech…fun and good company. And BTW, yes you really are that short 😉 And some of us are Giants 😉

  3. Jill Ball says:

    Great set of pics, thanks for sharing Alona. It’s amazing to see that you caught up with some different people from me and vice-versa.

    • Alona says:

      I’m loving seeing everyone else’s pics. So much happening, so many different pics. It’s great to see.

  4. It was great meeting you at Dear Myrtle’s after party. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.

    • Alona says:

      Fabulous to meet you and Shannon after the party. It’s always wonderful to put faces to names (or blogs, or businesses etc) that you’ve heard of. And whenever I get back there, no doubt we shall meet again. Till then we have FB.

  5. Fran says:

    Alona, great to meet you and thank for including me. Fran

    • Alona says:

      My pleasure Fran. Nice to have finally met you – even if it took getting us to the other side of the world to do so. 🙂

  6. Alona, you did a fantastic job putting all this together and remembering all those names! I like how you get groups of people to pose for you too. Can’t wait to hang out with you again!

    • Alona says:

      I didn’t take many photos compared to you, hence I don’t have as many names to rememeber. So I had it easy. But that was my 2nd visit to the US, and now I know a ‘few’ more people, so that’s nice.

  7. Hi, Alona
    So great to meet you and to have the opportunity to mingle with all the other “Commonwealth Bloggers”!
    Nancy from Canada

    • Alona says:

      Oh Nancy, it was lovely to meet you. And if you make it back to RT in 2017 we shall have to catch up again. I can’t make it in 2016 ad I’ll be geneacruising.

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