RootsTech: Only a Few Days & 14,000kms Away

RootsTech 2013 is only a days away now (oh, and a VERY long plane flight away as well), and I am getting very excited. I mean c’mon, it’s ROOTSTECH, so who wouldn’t be excited? It’s HUGE! So there’s no question that RootsTech IS the world’s biggest combined genealogy and technology conference. And with reports that over 5000 people have registered it would be the second biggest genie conference with the world, with only Who Do You Think You Are? Live in London being bigger. So simply being a part of a conference this HUGE will be an eyeopener for me, as we simply don’t get numbers like that here in Australia. As for the conference itself, I have decided that after immersing myself in talks for 9 days on the recent Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Cruise, and with much of it (surprisingly) still in  my head, I don’t need to cram more in just yet, so I’m simply just going take this opportunity to mingle and see who I see, and enjoy the atmosphere of RootsTech. I did check out the talks schedule, and found that they had 15 talks on at any one time, so it seems like it’d be a challenge just choosing what to go to, let alone working out which room the talk you’re on is in. But I’m sure people will find their way around. Now I have mentioned to you before that I work for a company called Gould Genealogy & History. We have a shop and a webstore, and sell genealogy products to those researching their family history. Anyway our sister company Unlock the Past (the one that organises events, cruises and has a range of genealogy guide books) will be exhibiting a RootsTech. So no doubt I’ll be at their stand some of the time, but as there’s 140+ exhibitors I think it’s logo - RootsTech 2013going to take me 3 days to get around to check them all out anyway. But it’ll be great to go around and chat, see some new people and products, as well as putting faces to some that we deal with for work. So I’ll be there with camera in hand, and my autograph book (or as Mr Lonetester calls it my “Signatures of Significance” book), with the aim of getting a stack of genealogy royalty and social media genie buddies to sign it. Time will tell how it all goes. But hopefully I’ll have a whole bunch of pics to show you later!!

5 Responses to “RootsTech: Only a Few Days & 14,000kms Away”

  1. In all your rushing around please don’t forget our video interview. Your attendance at Rootstech will be recorded for posterity.

  2. Pauleen says:

    I hope you have a greatbtime Alona…don’t forget you’ll be our eyes qnd eqrs at RootsTech qlong with other bloggers. Not sure how I’d cope wirh 5000 attendees.

  3. Sharon says:

    I am envious (in the nicest way). I want a job like yours 🙂

  4. Have a great time Alona. I look forward to your tweets/posts to all of us envious people back home.

  5. Alona says:

    Thanks everyone, I’m really looking forward to it. And Jill, I haven;t forgotten, it’s written down in my schedule.

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