Remembering Zap (2002-2018)

Today is one of those days that all pet owners dread. The one-way visit to the vets for a beloved pet.

Sadly today was Zap’s day.

Zap has been a part of the family for about 16  years. She and her two brothers (all from the same litter) were the part-moggie, part-persian kittens of a ‘friendly stray’ at my parents house, and I’m pleased to say that Mr Lonetester and I gave them all a great home.

Having got Zap and her brothers (we couldn’t choose, so picked all three), at just under 4 weeks old, we got to watch them grow from teeny-tiny bouncy kittens into big fluffballs.

Saying last goodbye’s is never a easy decision to make, but we know it was the right one as she wasn’t well. And after purring till the end, she left peacefully, and is now over the rainbow bridge with Gizmo and Mickey. 

We are a fur-family and do have other cats in our household, but as all cat lovers will know, every cat has it’s very own personality, so the fact that Zap isn’t there, isn’t simply replaced by those that are. She’d taken to sleeping in a particular windowsill, and now it’s empty. It’s going take a while to look at that windowsill again without tears welling up.

Here’s a few pics of her I’d like to share and remember her by …

Zap, a few months old

Zap with her brothers at the back

Zap and baby brother Toffee

nom time

bed time!

such a pretty face

photo at the vets today

bye bye Zap


8 Responses to “Remembering Zap (2002-2018)”

  1. Susie Zada says:

    Alona – my heart goes out to you – cling to the lovely memories of Zap. Many of us have been here before and understand how important our furry ones are in our family.

    • Alona says:

      Thankyou Susie, it’s never easy saying goodbye to family (people or pets). But she did have a great home, and a great life. And she gave us lots of lovely memories.

  2. GeniejEn says:

    Saying good bye is so hard but we also have to remember all the love and pleasure our pets have brought us. So sad for you

  3. Helen Smith says:

    Hugs. I am so sorry she has left you. Such a sad time for the whole family. She had a wonderful home for that 16 years and will always be with you in spirit

  4. Lilian Magill says:

    I’m so sorry. Sending gentle hugs.

  5. Chris Goopy says:

    Sorry to hear about Zap.. we did the one way trip with Buster a year ago last April and we still ache with missing him. Our furry friends make such a difference to our lives, and hopefully, we do to theirs..

    Zap looked so happy and content in these beautiful photos.. in the ‘pretty face photo’ she looked a lot like Fifi, we had her for 18 years… and still we miss her. I’m sure the rest of your furry loved ones will do their best to show their love to you.

  6. Pauleen says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss…it is indeed one of the hardest things about having andur family. Beautiful photos of your baby. She has had so much love in her life.

  7. crissouli says:

    I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at
    Thank you, Chris

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