Next Stop Hollywood??

Hollywood, yeah right … though I did fly over it on my way from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Utah and back, so does that count? But no, I didn’t see the big HOLLYWOOD sign, so I guess not eh? Anyway during my visit to RootsTech in March 2013, I was given the opportunity to make my acting debut, which is now available for all to see on the big screen. Now by acting debut, I mean I was interviewed, and by big screen I mean you can check it out on YouTube. 😉

I was actually interviewed three times at RootsTech. Twice by my good friend and fellow Aussie geneablogger Jill Ball (aka Geniaus to the social media world), and once by the boys at The Vault. Jill is super efficient, and has her video’s online already.

This first video is Jill interviewing Alan Phillips (my dad) about our sister company, Unlock the Past who was exhibiting at RootsTech, as well as myself about the company I work for, Gould Genealogy.

With the second video, Jill wanted to discuss geneablogging, and as I am the author of three genie blogs she asked me questions about each.

As the third one doesn’t seem to be online yet, you’ll have to make do with these two, and when/if the third one comes online, I shall let you know.

So a movie star in the making, ha, not a chance. However I did mention to several of the lovely US folk that their accent reminds me of the American TV shows we have here, to which they replied that I had the lovely accent that the Aussie movie stars have. Anyway, I still say it was them that had the accent though, not me!!

5 Responses to “Next Stop Hollywood??”

  1. I enjoyed the two interviews and I’m going to check out your other blog now Alona. 🙂

    • Alona says:

      Aww thank you Kylie. I was never quite sure how I’d appear on camera but figured oh well, I’d give it a go. And I’m happy with the results to which I have to thank Jill & the cameraman.

  2. Sharon says:

    Well Done Alona. It was the Gould Family History through the alphabet challenge that got me started with blogging and I thank you for that.

    I have subscribed to your newer blog too 🙂

    • Alona says:

      Thanks Sharon, I still feel very honoured that you started your foray blogging with the ‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge, and well done with all of the past year’s blogging!!

  3. Pauleen says:

    I enjoyed the interviews and was pleased that Jill mentioned how you had brought together so many people through the A to Z Family History (I was pleased we could spread it out weekly instead of daily!).

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