National Family History Month – Bring it ON!

July has all but gone, which means that August is almost here, and for family historians (at least in Australia and New Zealand), that’s good news as August is National Family History Month. YAY!!

So what does this mean?
It means that we (meaning ‘we’ as researchers) have an opportunity to share our knowledge with others and encourage them in their search. It also means we should take some time to self-educate ourselves … afterall, the more you learn, the better researcher you’ll be. Read a guidebook, watch a webinar, go to your local library or society to check out what they have. Grab a copy of a genie mag from your local newsagent and find out the latest news and tips from that. Revisit a website you haven’t been to for a while. Interview a relative, even just a question or two. Scan or simply file and label photos. Order a certificate. Do some transcribing. Maybe even take the plunge and start your own blog? There’s so many things you can do for NFHM, it’s not hard.

Getting started … 
For those that haven’t started the search, or have ‘just’ started, this is a great time for you. Just check with your local library or genealogy society to see when they’ll be open, and what they offer in relation to beginners talks, or one-on-one help.  Do yourself a favour, and get some good guidance at the beginning, it makes the world of difference and will help your search. And why not join a genealogy Facebook group (trust me there are 1000s out there).

The events …
The National Family History Month website is the place to check to see what organised events are on in your area. With over 200 events scheduled this year, there are seminars, open days, online events and more … there’s things for beginners as well as those who’ve been researching for years.

Personally I’ve already printed out Shauna Hicks’ list of 31 Genealogy Activities for Researchers During NFHM, and plan to work my way through them.

For the bloggers …
Also Alex Daw has come up with a blog challenge for the geneabloggers for National Family History Month, and while I’m still not quite sure what to make of the topics, I’ll keep thinking, and will come up with something.

And the social media minded …
Be sure to stay up to date with what’s happening during National Family History Month by following their Facebook page, and follow the hashtag #NFHM2017 on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to see what others are posting about it.

So what will you be doing for National Family History Month?

“Every book is a quotation; every house is a quotation out of all forests, and mines,
and stone quarries; and every man is a quotation from all his ancestors.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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