My New (Business) Genealogy Cards

Well I did it! After being inspired by Kerry from ClueWagon, and Judy from Queensland Genealogy I went and got my own business I mean genealogy cards. I call them “genealogy cards”, as they are not my business cards that I hand out with my work details on it, but my details rather to me in the genealogy scene.
You might ask why I bothered getting them, which is a fair question. Well, there is a big genie event coming up at the end of March in Adelaide (the 13th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldry) which I’ll be attending on at least some days. While I will be there as an exhibitor for Gould Genealogy & History, I thought it’d be nice to have my own card to hand out to people I meet as well.

So thanks to a quiet Sunday evening, and VistaPrint, tada … here’s my genealogy card


the back

 and the front



4 Responses to “My New (Business) Genealogy Cards”

  1. Nicola Elsom says:


    I wanted to say how stylish I think your cards look! Very in keeping with your website style which I’ve also been admiring. A very good example of how a modern theme can still be functional as a genealogy blog – very clean and easy to navigate.

    In the UK we have WDYTYA Live coming up – I may have to order some cards!

    Have fun at Congress.

  2. Maggie says:

    Hey, cool cards and great idea! I am also off to WDYTYA? Live in London at the end of the month, so might have to get me some cards 🙂

  3. Alona says:

    Thanks Nicola and Maggie for the very kind comments. I must say I’m very envious of you going to WDYTYA? Live. Hopefully one day I’ll get over there, but it’s a long way from Oz, so it won’t be this year. Have fun at WDYTYA? Live, get your snazzy new cards, and show ’em off!!

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