My Geneablogger Friends and Me at Congress 2012

The 13th Australasian Congress of Genealogy & Heraldry which was held in Adelaide over the past few days (28-31 March 2012). With regular Facebookers, Tweeters, GPlus’ers and bloggers, I had a feeling that Congress was going to have the best social media coverage of any Aussie genie event to date, and I think I was right.

As Congress attracts people from all around Australia and New Zealand, and to a smaller degree elsewhere overseas – knowing that so many geneabloggers were together in the one place was too good an opportunity to miss a photo … so I sent a tweet out to meet up in the lunch break on the last day and hoped others would turn up. And turn up they did, there were 11 of us there, with 2 missing unfortunately.

A big thanks to Geniaus who organised Mr Geniaus to come down and be official photographer (many thanks for that) :D.

So for those of you who follow the tweets and blogs of genealogists and historians from Australia (and one from New Zealand), here is your chance to put a face to a name (or twitter name).

Here are my Geneablogger friends and me at Congress 2012.

L-R: Cassie Mercer, Sharn White, Shauna Hicks, Judy Webster, Alona Tester,
Helen V Smith, Seonaid Lewis, Jill Ball, Liz Pidgeon, Jenny Joyce, Kylie Willison
Absent: Kerry Farmer, Carole Riley, Allen Evans


L-R: Sharn White, Cassie Mercer, Alona Tester, Judy Webster, Helen V Smith,
Shauna Hicks,  Jill Ball,  Seonaid Lewis, Liz Pidgeon, Jenny Joyce, Kylie Willison
Absent: Kerry Farmer, Carole Riley, Allen Evans


Please note, this is not all of the Aussie geneabloggers by far, just those that were at Congress 2012. For convenience I’ve added in their twitter and blog links below.

Sharn White
blog: Sharn’s Genealogy Jottings
twitter: @SharnWhite

Cassie Mercer (of Inside History Magazine)
blog: Inside History Magazine
twitter: @InsideHistory

Alona Tester (of Gould Genealogy & History) and my own as well
blog: Genealogy & History News
blog: Lonetester Genealogy News
twitter: @GouldGenealogy
twitter: @lonetester

Judy Webster (of Genealogists for Families Project)
blog: Genealogists for Families
blog: Queensland Genealogy
blog: Genealogy Leftovers
Judy has 9 blogs on the go, so rather than list them all here, just click on the link and you can find them listed here.
twitter: @JudyQld

Helen V. Smith
blog: From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard
blog: Historical Medical Miscellany
blog: Postcards from Mary
Helen has 5 blogs on the go, you can find them all listed on her Google+ page.
twitter: @HVSresearch

Shauna Hicks
blog: Shauna Hicks History Enterprises
blog: Diary of an Australian Genealogist
twitter: @HicksShauna

Jill Ball
blog: Geniaus
twitter: @geniaus

Seonaid Lewis (of Auckland City Libraries) and her own as well
blog: Kintalk
blog: Hunting Ancestors
twitter: @Auckland_Libs
twitter: @genebrarian

Liz Pidgeon (of Yarra Plenty Regional Library)
blog: Yarra Plenty Genealogy
blog: Yarra Plenty Local History
blog: Yarra Plenty Regional Library Local History
twitter: @Infolass
twitter: @Genelass

Jenny Joyce
blog: Jenny’s Genealogy Blog

Kylie Willison
blog: Kylie’s Genes

Kerry Farmer (of Family History Research)
blog: Family History Research
twitter: @kerryfarmer

Carole Riley (of NSW Genealogy) and her own as well
blog: Genealogy in New South Wales
blog: Carole’s Canvas
twitter: @nswgenealogy
twitter: @caroleriley

Allen Evans
blog: Finding my Ancestors
twitter: @AncestorHunting

2 Responses to “My Geneablogger Friends and Me at Congress 2012”

  1. Thanks for posting this Alona, especially including everyone’s blogs. I’m starting to think I should join the tweeters too.


    • Alona says:

      My pleasure Kylie. Oh do come and join us on Twitter. If you do, trust me you’ll learn SOOO much. The genie people (meaning individuals/groups/museums etc.) I follow on Twitter have taught me so much – it’s been invaluable

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