My First Ever Video

I have always said that learning never ends, and I’ve proved that to myself today  by recording and uploading my first ever video to YouTube.

Videoing isn’t something that I’d ever get into, but then again nor was blogging. Oh boy I was so wrong with that one ;P. Anyway Jill Ball from the Geniaus blog, has started hosting Hangouts on Air on Google+. This is essentially live “video chat”. I sat and watched the first one live (you can see it here on YouTube), without being an “on air’ participant, but wish to join in sometime.

So I’ve bought myself a headset, and have been playing with my webcam which I have never actually used until today, so I needed to get used to what a video might be like. So to try it all out, I thought I’d try recording something.

And wallahh! A few minutes of talking about something genealogy-related, and here’s my spur of the moment first video …

P.S. Sorry for the rambling. Like I said it was spur of the moment, so I didn’t have anything pre-prepared to talk about.

8 Responses to “My First Ever Video”

  1. Crissouli says:

    That’s not easy to do, Alona and for your first time, you did very well. I’ve been reading about your album, so great to see it. I look forward to your next venture into the world of video.

  2. Daina Pocous says:

    Nice job Alona. Looking forward to seeing your photo wall.

  3. Great job! Look forward to seeing more from you (and of you). Love the chart.

  4. Pauleen says:

    Great work Alona. Very adventurous and it will be great to see more…especially about your heirlooms. Love the baby photo of your Mum!

  5. Alona says:

    Thank you Crissouli, Daina, Diane and Pauleen (and everyone else who commented elsewhere). I am very touched by the kind words you’ve all said about my video. Thank you so much. I don’t know when the next video will be. I hadn’t particularly planned on it being regular, but you never know. 😉

  6. Welcome to the video world +Alona – there is now, no turning back…we expect and look forward to seeing more!

  7. Alex Daw says:

    Alona ! That was such a fantastic video – you are a natural! Well done! I loved it. And I’m so glad you talked about the chart behind you. That was the first thing I noticed. Is that a chart? I thought to myself. And I am pea green with envy about that photo album. Just beautiful.

    • Alona says:

      Thanks for the feedback, but as for natural I shall have to disagree. But I guess I didn’t freeze up when I hit the record button, so that was a bonus.

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