Let the Genealogy Adventure Begin

This coming Sunday marks the start of the 3rd History & Genealogy Cruise, which is organised by Unlock the Past.

Let me say up front that as nice as a cruise sounds, holidays on a ship aren’t my thing, let alone being with thousands of others for 8 days (I’m much more of a quiet B&B in a little country town kinda gal)  … still, I made the decision to go, and I am excited.

I really don’t know how much time (or be able to) blog while on board, but we shall see. I know the 1st History & Genealogy cruise which I was on, just trying to upload a picture to Facebook was impossible. But this is a a different cruise line, so we shall have to see.

As I’ve been trying to suss out all sorts of information for me, but also to inform other cruisers, I’m going to try to take note of all sorts of thing while on board, and blog about it sometime (ie. the food, the rooms, the activities and so on etc.). Besides it’ll be useful for anyone interested in next year’s cruise as it’ll be on the same ship.

But of course then there’s the whole genealogy conference thing that’s going on which IS why we are actually there. I sat down the other night, and read through the whole program, and marked up the talks I am hoping to intend. There is 120 or so on offer over the 8 days, and I’ve noted 24, which I know will make head spin from information overload, but it should be great learning, while still giving me enough time to explore the boat.

In saying that, I’m not sure how many genealogy mags, notebooks and other family tree related material I ended up packing … (giggle). But fortunately my case is not yet max-ed out weight wise.

So over the next few days, it’ll be sitting in the conference room on the Voyager or the Seas ship, scribbling down notes, as well as then mingling with others throughout the day.

While yes it does cost to go on a cruise, once there you don’t need to do further travelling to get to the conference (except down a few decks), all your meals are paid for (bonus), and you can mingle with others as early or late as you wish, as your room is nearby. You have to love the idea of a genealogy cruise … all up is awesome value!

So who’s ready to let this genealogy adventure begin!

5 Responses to “Let the Genealogy Adventure Begin”

  1. Jill Ball says:

    I’m ready. All packed except for tech, drugs and toiletries. Still have room for a few books.

  2. Looking forward to meeting you Alona. 2 nights to go.

  3. Alona says:

    See you both tomorrow ;D

  4. Pauleen says:

    I can relate Alona, which is why I haven’t done any cruises so far, though 2015 looks appealing. I hope you survived the crowds and had some fun with the genie mob.

    • Alona says:

      Pauleen, it surprised me at the how quiet it really was. But literally the ship is so big, people are scattered around it, so you never really get a sense of 3000 people at once. Yes, it does get a bit buy around the pols later in the day, and for cafe does as lunchtime, and the shopping m,all does when they have sales – but still not 3000 people worth. And as the Conference was down on Deck 2, and other than cabins there’s nothing else down there, we had lots of quiet time (even between talks). And the soundproofing of the ship is amazing.

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