It All Started with a Yellow Jacket

It all started with a yellow jacket, truly it did! But  before I get into it let me start off by staying this one of the few non-genealogy related posts that I do on this blog.

So the story of  my yellow jacket  starts off when I went shopping while I was in the US last month (I know surprise, surprise). Anyway while I was shopping I walked passed a store which had a gorgeous yellow jacket on display in the window, and had to immediately double-back to go in for a look.  (Trust me, anything yellow gets my attention these days!)

So into the shop I went to check it out. It was gorgeous, it was yellow and it was $180 down to $54!! An absolute bargain. But I thought long and hard about it, and eventually walked out of the store without it. Why I didn’t buy it I don’t know! But every female that is reading this willtotally understand what it’s like to get home and regret that you didn’t buy it then and there. And that’s what I felt.

Now the problem was when I got home I was back in Australia not in the US. But I’m quite the pro when it comes to online shopping, so I found the store’s website and proceeded to go through their online ordering, but found that they “only ship to the US and Canada”. Really, in this day an age when everything is available everywhere? Disappointment set in … but it was my fault for not buying it at the time!

But wonderful Mr Lonetester came to the rescue when he advised me of a company called SHIP IT TO which is a mail forwarding company. So I can get my jacket shipped to them in the US, and they will forward it on to me in Australia. Sounds perfect eh!! After reading up about them I decided to proceed. So I set up an account, paid a small deposit, and then received an email with my US address a few minutes later. Once I had that, I then ordered my jackets (I say jackets, as I found another one I liked on their site), and gave them my name and US address.

Within three days of submitting my order to Wilson’s Leather, I had advice that my jackets had shipped. Yay, they’re on their way!! Then five days after that I received an email from Ship It To advising they had received a parcel for me, complete with photographs, weight, dimensions and more. Oooh cool, So far so good.

Ship It To screen shot showing they have received one parcel in for me

Ship It To screen shot showing they have received one parcel in for me

the photographs of my parcel at the Ship It To warehouse

the photographs of my parcel at the Ship It To warehouse

They also gave me the cost options for shipping. With everything from regular airmail through to FedEx, each quoted the cost and approx. time for delivery. I simply had to choose the option I wished, and pay the balance owing (taking into account my deposit). That all seems straight forward.

the Ship It To website showing some of the various postage options available

the Ship It To website showing some of the various postage options available

the Ship It To website showing I'd filled in everything, and it's ready to ship

the Ship It To website showing I’d filled in everything, and it’s ready to ship

After choosing my freight method (I chose TNT courier) which wasn’t the cheapest nor the dearest, and was quoted to be delivered in 4-8 days, I did have to fill in a customs declaration which was just stating what the items were and their value. Once that was done, the screen went green indicating that everything I needed to do was done, and my parcel was ready for shipping.

Within an hour of me completing this, I received an email from Ship it To giving me my TNT Courier tracking number and advising that it had been despatched. Now that’s service.

But the good service didn’t end there. I was at work last Friday when a parcel was delivered. Now we normally get parcels delivered everyday so it wasn’t until went to open it that I actually realised that it was jackets. That was delivered in THREE DAYS after it was shipped. That made it less than two weeks since I’d even placed my order.

So I had fabulous service from Wilson’s Leather, from Ship It To, and from TNT Couriers, all up which made the whole thing very worthwhile, and painless.

So if you do come across those sites that say “only ships in America” look around there are options to still get it shipped out to Australia (or your country). And see … this really did all start with a yellow jacket! 😉

And just in case you’re interest to look further for yourself:
Wilson’s Leather
Ship It To

here's my brand new yellow jackets

here’s my brand new yellow jackets

6 Responses to “It All Started with a Yellow Jacket”

  1. Great Work, Alona. I Have Never been Game Enough To Use “ship To” Or A Similar Service. I Might Now Give It A Go.

  2. Myrt says:

    This is encouraging news! After reading the first few paragraphsI was going to offer to help, but this service is fast and apparently reliable. 🙂

  3. Judy Webster says:

    I would not have been brave enough to use this service without a personal recommendation. Thanks!

  4. Ali says:

    Very nice story! They look very cheerful…glad you had a good experience 🙂

  5. Sharon says:

    The jackets look great!

    Thank you for this as like others I would not have been game to use Ship it. Hmm maybe I will keep this to myself and not tell my daughter, otherwise I will be broke!


  6. Alona says:

    Yes, all worked out well. It was a very simple and easy process, which is why I wanted to share it with you all. As I know the “Only ships in the US” option does tend to crop up from time to time on things you want. 😉

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