Introducing “Six Feet Under Downunder”- Australian Cemetery and Burial Records Online

In between trips, blogging and presentations, my geniemate GeniAus (aka Jill Ball) has managed to begin a new project (and website) …. “Six Feet Under Downunder“, which is a listing of Australian burial and cremation records online … and she’s asking for your help!

But first here’s her explanation of how it came about ….

While preparing for my Six Feet Under Downunder webinar over the past few days I realised that there is no one site that lists all the wonderful resources in Australia that index the names of the deceased resting in cemeteries and crematoria around Australia. It would have helped me no end in my preparation if there was a meta site that links to such resources.

Of course I decided to create such a site. I must be mad but I hope that the many generous genies around Australia who know of such indexes of  memorials, headstones and burial sites will share them with me so they can be loaded on the site. I will initially only link to free sites that are available online, sites that one can visit via the internet.

So Aussie geniefriends, please visit her website, click on the various state links. These link to Google Doc pages with lists of cemeteries. If you know of other FREE sites, that are not yet listed, please send her an email with details,, and she’ll get it added.

The more comprehensive this is, the more useful it is. And I can see this being an incredible resource for those searching for Australian cemeteries.

3 Responses to “Introducing “Six Feet Under Downunder”- Australian Cemetery and Burial Records Online”

  1. Susie Zada says:

    Isn’t this covered by Australian Cemeteries

  2. Kindt says:

    Not another cemetery site?

  3. Jasper Smith says:

    Not that’s a BIG ask! Good luck.
    Broken link in

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