Honouring My Ancestors with a Touch of Bling

Let’s start off by saying I LOOOOOOOVE jewellery.

Apart from genealogy and chocolate, jewellery is a passion of mine. It all started when I was about 10 or so when an auntie gave me a beautiful silver necklace, which I wore day in and day out. This one necklace has since been replaced by a whole stash of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. And when I travel rather than buy souvenirs from the places I visit, I tend to buy jewellery. At least its small enough to bring home easily enough.

Anyway I found a site that combines my love of genealogy and jewellery. So naturally I helped the economy by doing some online shopping. And now I want to share with¬† you what I bought ….

The www.mynamenecklace.com.au website  is one of those places that you can order jewellery from and get it customised to have your kids names on it. Well I ordered a bracelet, but rather than get my furkids names put on it, I chose to put my ancestors surnames instead. Well, my four grandparents lines anyway РHannaford, Randell, Winter, Phillips, and to top it off it has the Tree of Life in the centre.

my MyNameNecklace bracelet has just arrived

my MyNameNecklace bracelet has just arrived

ooh it's so pretty!

ooh it’s so pretty!

new bling added to my wrist!

new bling added to my wrist!

I’m so thrilled with my new bracelet that I have already ordered another one as well as a necklace. On those I’m getting the words Genealogy. Past. Present. Future. put on them, which should be cool. Anyway when they arrive, I’ll have pics on my Facebook page. They’re my Christmas presents from me to me (we all have those don’t we)?

I don’t normally write about companies, but I chose to do so in case any of you also have a love of jewellery and wanted to do something customised with current (or past) family names on it, I thought I’d share details of this MyNameNecklace site with you. Afterall they do have a whole range of “Family Tree” related jewellery, so how can that not be interesting?

And in the interest of disclosure, I am in no way affiliated with the MyNameNecklace company, other than being a happy customer.

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  1. Jenni says:

    Love it, what great idea.

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