Hit By Two Cars, Neither Drivers Stopped

Tuesday … so it’s Trove Tuesday time. And again Trove has come up with an amazing tid-bit relating to my family. Ok, technically it’s Mr Lonetester’s family, but you get the point. And again it’s something I never would have thought of (of known about) if it wasn’t for the wonders of Trove.

Richard John Tester c1909

here’s a photo of Richard John Tester, age 18/19

I will admit I haven’t done a whole lot of research on this side of the family, so am still learning a lot as I go, however I do know that Richard John Tester survived this accident and lived on for another 20 odd years, and is buried in the Warrnambool Cemetery in Victoria, Australia.

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  1. Crissouli says:

    Have to love Trove… He was lucky to survive.

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