Good Reads #1

I’ve been mulling over this post for a while, partly as to if I should even post it, and partly as to what I would call it, if I did.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I read a lot. Excluding books for this purpose, I also read lots of interesting articles and blog posts. And it’s these that form the content of this post. It’s kind of an extension of a previous reiteration of “Inspiring Posts” that I had on a different blog – but I didn’t just want to copy that, so instead this is kind of a mix of interesting articles I’ve read, inspiring ones too, as well as educational posts. So that’s how my “Good Reads” theme has started.

So if you’re after some good reading, get yourself a coffee, and make yourself comfy as I promise you there’s lots of good reads here for you.


Covers off the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s hidden treasures that don’t often see the light of day

Oldest tartan found to date back to 16th Century

Cartographer and artist Alex Pescud creates hand-drawn aerial map of Wollongong

South Australia’s oldest known colonial-built fishing boat, the 19th century Rambler, could still be saved

Household Dust Harbors Forensic DNA Info

Scientists scan York cemetery in Western Australia for old, unmarked burial sites dating back to the 1850s

Who Do You Think You Are? UK returns to BBC One this June with a nine-part star-studded line-up

‘We’re Not All Ikea-Loving Minimalists’: The Resurgence of Young Antique Collectors

Long time no see: Freemasons uncover vault of century-old photo

How FamilySearch is using the future to discover the past with AI


How to Create A Beautiful Family History Website

5 Voice-Recorder Apps for Oral History Interviews

5 Priceless Resources for Australian Genealogy Research

Genealogy is like putting together a puzzle… without the box!

The Joy of a Genealogy Society Volunteer

Do You Know Who You Are?

A Record of Australia’s Suburban History Lives in This Archive — and It Was Nearly Lost

Does Your Genealogy Society Publish eBooks? If Not, They Should


German Naming Traditions Genealogists Should Know

My Top 10 Genealogy Tips

Consistency in Genealogical Format and Use of Abbreviations

What is a marriage bond?

Trove tips & tricks for newspapers

Daguerreotype, Ambrotype and Tintype: Telling Them Apart

11 Best Websites for Researching Irish Ancestors (Both Free and Subscription Sites)

Genealogy vs. Family History | Definitions and Examples of Each

Are FlashDrives Effective For Making Backups of Important Data or Digital Pictures?

Skillbuilding:  Perils of Source Snobbery

Tutorial: Find Records at the UK National Archives Website

MyHeritage for Free: 10 Tips for Using It Without a Subscription

So there you go. I know there’s a lot of links there, and while I don’t expect you to read them all, I do hope you found something of interest there. Let me know if you did. And if you enjoyed it, stay tuned for more Good Reads in the future.

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