Give a Little This Christmas

Every year we spend who knows how much on ‘stuff’. Stuff for ourselves during the year, and stuff for friends and family at birthdays and Christmas time. I’m not saying this is wrong, or even useless … but maybe you could consider giving one extra gift this year.

At just $25 it’s not expensive, and you can help change someone’s life.

Kiva is a non-profit site that offers microloans to people. Someone might need money to help put a roof on their house, to buy a cow or chicken, or seeds so they can plant and get food, money so they can get supplies for their shop, or even just get clean water … all things we take for granted. But it means the world to people elsewhere. Your $25 goes towards what they need.

I was introduced to Kiva through fellow Aussie genealogist, Judy Webster, who created the Kiva group “Genealogists for Families“. Judy has continued her father’s tradition of lending money to hard-working people who want support but not handouts. Your $25 can be loaned over and over again, and as it is repaid, it does more good than a one-time donation to charity. Judy created this group in September 2011, has since then it has continually grown. Currently the Genealogists for Families group has 351 members (made up of geneapeeps from all around the world) who have collectively supplied loans to 9455 people. Impressive isn’t it!

Here’s some other impressive figures …

But it’s not so much the amount lent, or even the numbers of those lent to … but rather the fact that these people have then been able to continue on with life a little easier thanks to the loan.

So while you’re out and about Christmas shopping, and wondering decorations you need to buy for the Christmas table, take a moment to think about those who need basic supplies to live, and see if you can spare $25 for them as well.

To loan to someone you simply go to, choose a borrower, say how much you’d like to loan, and click on loan. After that you’ll then get payment repayments and updates each month.

Note: Anyone, anywhere can loan on Kiva. You do not have to be a genealogist. But if you are, and love the idea, why not join Judy’s Genealogists for Families group? Every loan helps.

Further information …
Kiva website –
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  1. Jill Ball says:

    Thanks for the nudge – I just made my 150th loan.

  2. crissouli says:

    I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thank you, Chris

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