Getting Organised for the Cruise

With Christmas over, now the focus for us (meaning me, my workmates, and many of my genealogy friends) turns to the 4th Unlock the Past Cruise which is now only 37 days away.

So in amongst my Christmas shopping which was about 90% done online (gotta love internet shopping), I managed to do some shopping for me,  and here’s what I bought …

First up was a stop at This website is enormous, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed as there are hundreds and thousands of items (if not millions) listed on this website. But I simply did a word search for “genealogy” then narrowed it down to just notebooks … and that narrowed down the range for me, and the two below are what I chose.

genealogy notebooks from CafePress

Then I headed over to, which is a similar type of online store, and found these two notebooks …

genealogy notebooks from Zazzle

And I like the fact that both stores offered me the option to have lined or blank pages in my notebooks. I chose lined, as I do tend to write rather wonky otherwise …

pages of the genealogy notebooks from Zazzle

On the last cruise I went on, I took just one note book and almost filled it. Now I have four and I probably won’t use them all, but at least I’m prepared.

I guess some of you might wonder why I didn’t just go for the $2.00 notebooks that you can get from the newsagent? Well yes I could have, but putting it simply, they’re boring. As these are notebooks that I intend to keep afterward because they will be chock full of notes from all the talks I attend (that’s the plan anyway), I wanted something with some style.

Now for anyone who is not familiar with CafePress and Zazzle, these are online stores that allows anyone to come up with a design and put it on any number of different items: t-shirts, jackets, baby clothing, aprons, caps, mugs, glasses, bags, calendars, posters, stickers, keyrings and just about anything else you can think of. You’ll find quotes and drawings galore relating to A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G on these sites. In fact the genealogy-related items on these sites really only make up a small portion of their total items. But in saying that, it’s still a huge range.

For buyers on these sites, you simply use keywords, and categories to narrow down what you’re after, then add an item to your cart, go through the checkout, and usually a couple of weeks later you get your goods posted out to you after they’ve been printed.

Here’s some awesome stores on these sites that sell genealogy-themes products:
Genealogy Gifts
JMK Gifts

I will write some more about the 4th Cruise soon, but in the meantime if you want to know more details (the who, what, when, where, why etc.), checkout the Unlock the Past Cruises website.

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  1. I had better take a leaf out of one of those new books of yours and get organised for the cruise but first I have my holiday to Adelaide to enjoy.

    I hope to find my way to Gould Genealogy where I am sure to find some goodies to tempt me too.

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