Genimates at Congress 2018

One of the big pluses for me attending a genealogy conference is that I get to catch up with my genimates.

Australia is a big country, and we don’t have many ‘national’ (big genie events), so therefore we don’t see each other often. But Congress brought people from interstate, and even some from overseas as well, and it was great to catch up with them all, and meet some others as well. Some who I’ve known through social media, and others I know of by name.

As I was an exhibitor at Congress and didn’t get to any of the talks, I can’t write any report on those for you… but based on what the other geneabloggers have written they were awesome. GeniAus (Jill Ball) is collating a list of all Congress related blog posts, and you can check them out here.

So for me when I wasn’t at my stand, I was off chatting to other exhibitors and asking them if they’d be kind enough to sign my autograph book (yes, I did take it with me), and also catching others for a quick pic when they were nearby. So my post here is simply pics of some of the genimates that I caught up with there.

afternoon tea with by good friends and roommates, Judy Russell and Helen Smith, combined with a view from the 35th floor … what a way to start my trip in Sydney

dinner with friends

L-R: Ruth Standring, Sharn White and Shelley Crawford

myself with Lilian Magill, with the collection of teddy bears behind

geneablogger friends L-R: Fran Kitto, Jenny Joyce, myself and Jennie Fairs

I was excited to meet Eden and Simon from Traces Magazine

it’s always wonderful to catch up with my wonderful friends Lee-Anne and Rob Hamilton

young Aussie genies and geneabloggers: Tania and Shelley

myself with Thom Reed from FamilySearch. Ok I’m short, but he is TALL too

the whole FamiilySearch team at Congress 2018

genimates Pauleen Cass and Jill Ball

I finally met the one and only, lovely Danielle from SAG

this is my GeniAus and Lonetester photo

more young genies and bloggers: Angela and Caitlin

a quick selfie with fellow geneablogger Alex Daw

I managed to grab Paul Milner long enough for a pic

a quick selfie with two Aussie geneabloggers: Ruth Standring and Emily Peace

it was fabulous to finally meet Tara, one half of the “Family Discovery Show” team

the always lovely Lisa Louise Cooke

Eric and Rosemary Kopittke

the official geneablogger group photo at Congress 2018 (with a few known to be missing)

So Congress came, and Congress went. It was a busy 4 days. It was a fun 4 days. And let’s hope that a group takes on Congress for 2021, and then we’ll see you all again in 3 years time.

7 Responses to “Genimates at Congress 2018”

  1. Chez says:

    What a lovely round up of pics! It was a great Congress for those reasons you mentioned and it is always lovely to meet up! Damn there should be more events!!! 🙂

    • Alona says:

      It was fab to finally meet you, and I’m looking forward to catching up again at future genie events Chez.

  2. crissouli says:

    I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thank you, Chris

  3. Angela says:

    So glad you’ve posted these Piks… It was one thing I didn’t do (newbie so bit shy to be pulling the camera out) so love being reminded of things by going through your visual blog. Thanks.
    I would love to include your blog as part of my “Favourite Blogs” when I have it up and running 🙂

    • Alona says:

      It was great to meet you Angela, and trust me we all start off shy. But the more conferences you go to, or the more social media interaction you have with other genies and bloggers – you’ll get comfortable really quick. It’s such a friendly community, and everyone is here to help.

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