Genealogy World Photo Day Challenge 2014

August the 19th was World Photo Day, and as us genie nuts like to give everything a genealogy twist, Denise Levenick of The Family Curator blog issued the challenge of making it a Genealogy World Photo Day Challenge.

So rather than simply submit a photograph, why not make it a family-history related one.

In Denise’s words …

“The Family Curator challenges genealogists and family historians to celebrate World Photo Day by combining the past and present in a single photograph — recreate an old photo, merge past and present Dear Photograph style, or present a Then and Now retrospective.

Participate by posting your photograph and descriptive caption on your blog or social media page. To be included in the Genealogy Photo Challenge Gallery, do any of the following no later than 6am US Pacific Time, Saturday, August 23, 2014 [note: which is sometime late Saturday or early Sunday, Australian time].
– send the link or photo with caption to The Family Curator
– share your Facebook post or post your photo on The Family Curator Facebook Page

Here’s what I have come up with … two 5 generation photographs. One following my mum’s line, the other following my dad’s, both starting from myself, and going through to my great great grandma. You can click on each for a larger picture.

5 generations - dad's line

my dad’s line starting from me
Alona Phillips > Alan Phillips > Valda Winter > Irene Daley > Margaret Hayhurst

5 generations - mum's line

my mum’s line starting from me
Alona Phillips > Anthea Hannaford > Evelyn Randell > Ella Sinkinson > Lydia Bays

3 Responses to “Genealogy World Photo Day Challenge 2014”

  1. Thanks for the tip-off Alona…love the photos..5 generations is impressive. I’ve done a post too since seeing yours.

  2. Sharon says:

    Well Done. I imagine that your Mum and Dad’s wedding photos must be beautiful. You certainly have some beauties in your family.

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