Genealogy Selfie Day

Today is February the 1st, which is also Genealogy Selfie Day (or as it is technically written #GenealogySelfie Day).

The aim is to have some fun, share a little of our genealogy and see pics of our genealogy friends.

As Conference Keeper (the organisers) wrote:

Genealogists are a friendly and social bunch. We share knowledge, information, documents, research triumphs and struggles, joys, sorrows – even pictures of cats. So why not selfies? Chances are good that if you’re on Facebook or Twitter (or even Instagram), you have many ‘genealogy’ friends that you probably have never met in person, but regularly Like, Share, and Comment on one another’s posts.

Genealogist Selfie Day is an opportunity for social genealogists to snap a picture of themselves and share it on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #genealogyselfie. It will be fun to put faces to names, and increase our chances of recognising one another at the next event!

Then Jill Ball of the GeniAus blog, suggested we blog about #GenealogySelfie Day. So here are the pics I put up on social media for #GenealogySelfe Day, with little explanations of each.

First up is my folders. This is in my office at home, and this shows just a few of my ‘family’ folders. Essentially any family that I’m doing any research on gets a folder!

a few of my folders

Next up is my photo wall. This is definitely not a flattering photo, but it does show the wall.

my family tree photo wall

Then it was off to work at the genealogy shop!! Love my job!

a great place to work

This fabulous picture is my Great Grandpa (Horace Norman Phillips) and is in our shop. Stay tuned for more on him, but I need to get to State Records of SA to check some info before writing about him. But it’s an interesting story.

my Great Grandpa

My last #GenealogySelfie photo for the day, and this shows our family tree chart, and my ‘family tree is my life’ tattoo, which is just perfect for me!

Happy #GenealogySelfie Day everyone.

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  1. Jaclynn McKenzie says:

    I can see the resemblance with your great grandpa.

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