Genealogy Royalty and the Autograph Book

I think there is several things I’m going to be remembered for by those at RootsTech. I was the short Aussie who always wore a hat (well it was cold), and I went everywhere with my Autograph book, yep, I was there to meet those in the genealogy scene … or as I call them “genealogy royalty”. By that I mean meeting those people who’ve written books you’ve read, written articles in the genie mags, you read their blog, or you converse with them on social media scene (Facebook, Twitter or Google +) … hence “genealogy royalty”.

So before heading off to Salt Lake City I decided that rather than just take pics of everyone I could, I wanted a bit more of a memento, so  I got an autograph book. Yes it seems old-fashioned, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, and it was a very useful in making me meet people. And as a bonus I now have a wonderful record of those that I met and my time in Salt Lake City because of it. 😉

Three days was nowhere near long enough to meet everyone (in my defence there was close to 7ooo people there), I did manage to get quite a few, so would like to thank each and everyone of them here.

Name Country   Website/Blog/Company Twitter
Alec Tritton ENG HalstedTrust
Amy Coffin USA ACoffin
Audrey Collins ENG AudreyCollins23
Bev Trew-Palmer USA
Bobbi King USA
Bruce Buzbee USA rootsmagic
Chris Mueller USA
Chris Whitten USA WikiTreeOnline
Cyndi Ingle Howells USA cyndislist
Dan Poffenberger USA
Daniel Horowitz ISR MyHChiefGen 
Dave Berdan USA legacyfamily
David Adelman USA reelgenie
Diane M. Miller USA mobilescanning
Dick Eastman USA dickeastman
Donna Potter Phillips USA
Drew Smith USA drewsmithtpa
Else Churchill ENG SoGGenealogist
FamilySearch Developers USA
Geoff Rasmussen USA legacyfamily
Heather Garnsey AUS HGarnsey
Heather Rojo USA HeatherRojo
Helen V. Smith AUS HVSresearch
Janet Hovorka USA FamilyChartMstr
Jenny Joyce AUS
Jill Ball AUS geniaus
John D. Reid CAN JohnDReid
Kelly & Charlene at ICAPGen USA
Kim Cotton USA Walkingyourtree
Laila Christiansen NOR LailaNC
Leland Meitzler USA Lmeitzler
Lisa Alzo USA lisaalzo
Lisa Christensen USA
Lisa Moncur USA BillionGraves
Liz Pidgeon AUS Infolass
Luther Tychonievich USA fhisorg
Lynn Broderick USA thesingleleaf
M. Diane Rogers CAN mdiane_rogers
Marg Doherty AUS GSQPresident
Marie Dougan SCT dougangene
Martyn Killion AUS killionm
Mary Rix ENG TrevorRix
Maureen Taylor USA  PhotoDetective
Michelle Patient NZ patientgenie
Mike & Dan Heistand USA houstorypub
Molly Neal USA TheElijahtreeCo
Nancy Shively USA nancyshively
Paul Nauta USA nautapg
Peter Pidgeon AUS
Randy Seaver USA rjseaver
Robert Ball AUS
Robert Burkhead USA fhisorg
Roger Moffat USA
Rosemary Morgan ENG rosemarymorgan
Sam & Heather USA
Schelly Talalay Dardashti USA tracingthetribe
Simon Orde ENG
someone at USA ancestrydotcom
Tamu & Zandra @ Sistas in Zion USA SISTASinZION
Thomas MacEntee USA geneabloggers
Tonia Kendrick USA toniasroots
Tyler Tangalin USA findmypastUS
Yvette Arts USA Yvette_Arts
Zander Nickle USA Mocavo
"Life is Short, Do Genealogy First!" Geoff Rasmussen, Legacy Family Tree

“Life is short, do genealogy first!”
Geoff Rasmussen, Legacy Family Tree

"Pay attention to the picture clues" Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective

“Pay attention to the picture clues”
Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective

With each person who signed it writing their name, together with where they were from, and sometimes a message – this book not only gives me great memories, but is now one of my treasured books.

And trust me, whenever I make it back to RootsTech (and, yes I will), the first thing I’ll be packing will be my little autograph book. There’s so many more people who I didn’t get to meet, and then there’s all of those who I did meet who I will need to recatch up with again.

2 Responses to “Genealogy Royalty and the Autograph Book”

  1. Sometimes you just can’t beat a book..

    That was a fabulous idea, Alona. I think a few other people will be copying you at future conferences.

  2. Pauleen says:

    A great idea Alona! Yes old-fashioned but you’re the one with the momentoes! Clever thinking.

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