Fun with Wordle and Genealogy

Technically this post has nothing to do with genealogy, as it’s all about Wordle, but I’ve managed to connect the two (of course). So let me tell you about the fun I’ve been having with Wordle.

I had heard of Wordle before, but really didn’t know what it was, so I after seeing another reference to it on Twitter, decided it was time to check it out. Wordle is a website which created ‘word clouds’ for you as you’ll see below. It looks way cool, is super simple, and if fun too …

So if you’re wanting to play, head on over to, and after you’ve had a squizzy at all the awesome samples on their homepage, hit the ‘Create’ button, which then prompts you to either enter a bunch of text in a box, a link to a blog, or a user name.

For mine I opted put the link for my blog in,  so typed in – hence the connection to genealogy bit, hit Enter, and wallah it your wordle Word Cloud comes up. Naturally it shows the words I have used in my recent posts (ie. Genealogy and Queensland Expo).

Once your word cloud has appeared you are then given several options: Edit, Language, Font, Layout and Color (US spelling of course), or you  may simply love it as it …

So go ahead and have fun with creating your own word cloud, with Wordle. Oh, and one little tip: if you want certain words to appear bigger, use them more frequently.


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