Finland: The Long Trip

As I wrote in my last post, over the next couple of weeks my posts will take a different tack. Rather than writing about genealogy-related topics, I am going to show you a little of Finland, which is the homeland of some of my relatives (past and present).

So I’m taking a holiday to visit this beautiful part of a world, to see my relatives who I’ve come to know through emails and Facebook, and have briefly met some of them (but not all). So I have 2 weeks to enjoy their company, meet more relis, and discover the wonders of Finland!

My “trip of a lifetime” already¬†is underway, and there’s so much I’ve seen (and photographed) already, and despite the fact that it took about 2 days, and 3 plane flights to get to Finland, it’s totally worth it … not that I ever doubted that. The place is beautiful, and my relatives have made me feel like one of the family.

My journey started in Adelaide (South Australia), then went to Singapore, then to Frankfurt (Germany) and finally to Helsinki (Finland). I had no dramas with any of the flights, either with any being delayed or cancelled, or with any issue on the plane. So that’s always a bonus!

But the trip getting there was an experience in itself, so before I get on to showing your Finland itself, let me share a few pics I took along the way.

all packed and waiting

all packed and waiting at the airport

Singapore Airline

not the biggest plane I’ve been on, but still BIG

Sculpture at Changi airport, Singapore

one of a number of sculptures at Changi airport, Singapore

the Butterfly garden at Changi airport,Singapore was a must-visit

the Butterfly garden at Changi airport,Singapore was a must-visit

Butterfly garden, Changi airport, Singapore

isn’t she pretty!

drinking fountain at Changi Airport, Singapore

in Changi airport there’s one of these drinking fountains every few hundred metres … so you’ll never go thirsty

the Cactus garden at Changi airport, Singapore

Singapore airport even has a cactus garden! Yes, truly!

Sculptures at Changi airport, Singapore

these sculptures are beautiful, but I had to wait my turn to even take a photo, they’re that popular

orchid garden at Changi Airport, Singapore

and Singapore airport even had an orchid garden, complete with koi fish

sunflower garden at Changi airport, Singapore

I’m envious of the sunflowers in the “sunflower garden” at Changi airport, Singapore

sunrise over the Ukraine

I saw the sun rise at 4.15am over the Ukraine

Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt airport, not the prettiest airport, but still it got me to where I had to go

Finland from the air

Hello Finland … it’s SOOOOO green

Helsinki airport

tada … I made it!

Welcome message

my reli’s had this beautiful welcome message waiting for me in my room

another Welcome message

another Welcome message

view from my room

it’s tough … but this is the view from my room

Stay tuned for more pictures of my adventures in Finland.

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  1. J. Paul Hawthorne says:

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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