Finland Day 9 (Part 2) and Day 10: The Finnish Islands

After visiting Fiskars and seeing the stunning scenery on the drive down to the south of Finland (see my previous post), I wondered if anything could be more beautiful. The answer to this is YES!

Friday 7 July 2017 – Continuing Friday’s happenings … cousins of mine have a Summerhouse on Lilla Kuggskäret island, which is just one of the thousands of islands just off the south coast of Finland (who knew that Finland had islands eh?). This region they call the Finnish archipelago. Anyway Lilla Kuggskäret is a smallish island in comparison to some, but in saying that there’s oodles of room to roam and enjoy.

This is my cousins very OWN private island, and I was fortunate enough that they invited myself and some other cousins to visit and share their little piece of paradise. For this I say thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU. It was magical.

Lilla Kuggskäret

the little red marker shows where Lilla Kuggskäret island is

After a boatride out the island we got to see why they visit as often as they can. The peacefulness is unbelievable. While the island is in the sea (I believe it’s the Baltic Sea), it is as calm as a lake, so you don’t have any crashing waves. In fact, apart from when boats went past, there really wasn’t even any ripples, it really was that calm.

Lilla Kuggskäret

messy hair after the boatride – but it’s totally worth it!

Lilla Kuggskäret

the view … what’s not to love?

swans at Lilla Kuggskäret island

and there are heaps of swans around

After unpacking and having some lunch, we visited a nearby island (Hitis) and checked out the Hiittinen church and cemetery, because that’s what I do! and in fact it’s one of the oldest churches in Finland, and has an amazing story behind it. You can read about that here (note: if you open it in Chrome, it translates to English).

Hiittinen church and cemetery

the Hiittinen cemetery

And the weather was absolutely perfect for a late BBQ tea (also known as dinner), and we watched the sun go down at about 10.30pm, and the moon rise. Note: the sun rises again at about 3.30am … hence I didn’t get any sunrises.

Lilla Kuggskäret island

the sun is going down

Lilla Kuggskäret island

… nearly set

moonshine at Lilla Kuggskäret island

and now the moon is up and shining …

Saturday 8 July 2017 – Saturday was another perfect day to explore and that’s what we did. I was up first, and enjoyed the sights, sounds and serenity that Lilla Kuggskäret offers … including sitting out on the deck with my genie mags!

quality reading

quality reading

more swans at Lilla Kuggskäret

I spotted more swans

We visited the Viking Centre at nearby Rosala island. This gives a history of all things Viking related and was fascinating to see. And yes, Rosala and the nearby islands were used by Vikings about 1000 years ago … it’s hard to imagine, but very cool!And since Mr Lonetester has more Scandinavian blood in him, that I do, and he has no known Scandinavian direct history, but oodles of Scottish, there seems a reasonable likelihood that he descends from the Vikings which made it all the more interesting.

the Viking Centre at Rosala island

the Viking Centre at Rosala island

restaurant at the Viking Centre, Rosala island

love these doors to the Viking restaurant (previously old sleeping quarters)

Viking boat

Vikings had style for sure

Rosala Island

Rosala island seems like a different pace of life

sign on Rosala island

This was on Rosala island, but not part of the Viking centre. It seems obvious enough – drive off the island, you’ll be in the sea!

And then it was time to say farewell, and head back to the mainland and home (well, my holiday home).

Lilla Kuggskäret

bye bye Lilla Kuggskäret, such a beautiful place to visit

I’ve packed a lot into my holiday, but there’s just a couple of days left. And next up … a surprise catchup, which was years in the making!

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  1. Audrey Dillon says:

    What wonderful memories you have gathered and I guess there is a future plan to do it all again sometime. Thanks for sharing. Audrey

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    Thank you, Chris

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