Finland Day 6: Countryside, a Cemetery and Pizza

I can’t believe it’s been a week already since I arrived. My trip seems to be going so fast, but in some ways it also seems longer, as I’ve done so much … and I have almost another week to go.

Tuesday 4 July 2017
Today was a packup-and-leave-Heinola day, but rather than heading straight home, my cousins took me to another beautiful cemetery. They know me so well already! Anyway it was here at the town of Hämeenkoski I got to see my 4x great grandpa’s grave. This place is about a 1 1/2 hour drive north of Helsinki. So that was another very exciting day.

Bell tower at Hämeenkoski church

the bell tower at Hämeenkoski church, Finland

cemetery at Hämeenkoski

cemetery at Hämeenkoski

Nils Winter's grave at Hämeenkoski

Nils Winter’s grave at Hämeenkoski is in such a lovely place

Nils Winter's grave at Hämeenkoski

Nils Winter’s grave. He died 30 August 1864

Hämeenkoski cemetery

this was a lovely family grave/crypt at the Hämeenkoski cemetery, not my family though

The journey to and from the cemetery really was beautiful, as we went through the most spectacular countryside.

And as you do, on lazy country drives, we found strawberry farm and got the tastiest strawberries EVER.

Finnish countryside

isn’t it lovely!

Finnish countryside

almost like a postcard

Finnish countryside

everything is still so green in their summertime

My cousins and I had pizza for tea, and I must say their “small” pizza is huge. I would expect that in America as everything there is supersize, but not Finland. Anyway it was very tasty, but waaaay to much. Oh and here’s a Finnish thing, when you buy a pizza it’s not pre-cut into slices for you. If you want that done it costs more.

pizza in Finland

a giant “small” pizza

Tomorrow I head to the archives for some research …

3 Responses to “Finland Day 6: Countryside, a Cemetery and Pizza”

  1. crissouli says:

    Just wow! What a lovely break..

  2. Nola mackey says:

    Beautiful photographs for your family history and you will be able to recall and relive your holiday over and over again.

  3. GenieJen says:

    Loving your posts and the stunning photos. What a beautiful place, Alona.

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