Finding Genealogy Evidence in the Most Unlikely Place

I know it sounds incredibly cliche to say that “you can find genealogy evidence in the most unlikely places”, and more to the point when you’re not even looking for it, but it can (and has) just happened to me.

Mr Lonetester and I were invited out to a friend’s birthday party recently which was held at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club. And although I am a genealogy tragic, I must say that genealogy wasn’t exactly on my mind while I was there (except for the twice I was asked about how to search for people’s lost relatives, once they found out I work in the genealogy biz). Anyway aside from that, I was there enjoying the nibbles and chatter etc. of the party.Now I did mention that this party was held at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club. And I know that my grandpa, Ron Phillips was a member there for years. And during the evening I noticed what looked like an Honour Board in an adjoining room, so Mr Lonetester and I decided to take a wander and go check it out. This room was impressive, and didn’t just have “ONE” Honour Board, but rather it had Winners (Honour) Boards going from top to bottom covering about half of the room.

After looking through all of the boards one by one, I came across my grandpa’s name (H.R. Phillips) one two of them and it seems that 1986 was a big year for my grandpa! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, but Mr Lonetester does have a camera phone, so he kindly took some pictures for me.

TTG Gold Club Honour Board 1

top of the Joe Meakins Trophy Board

TTG Gold Club Honour Board 2

theĀ  Joe Meakins Trophy Board – scroll down to 1986 and there is H.R. (Ron) Phillips

TTG Gold Club Honour Board 3

the top of the Summer Foursomes board


the Summer Foursomes board – once again in 1986 you’ll find H.R. Phillips listed

So there you go, who would have thought to look for genealogy evidence at a sports club. But it’s there, and that’s just from evidence that was on the walls, let alone any archival records they may have!

6 Responses to “Finding Genealogy Evidence in the Most Unlikely Place”

  1. I love these sort of finds. I found the only photo of one of my ancestors in the Mt Pleasant Hall he was listed on the Honour Roll for WWI and had his photo there too.

  2. Sharon says:

    That is great. I imagine that this made your night even more enjoyable.

  3. kerrieannec says:

    a while back I spotted an uncle who’d been President of the Local Surf Club in the 1930’s on their Honour Board Roll
    – and a few weeks ago I checked their Centenary Book and found another Uncle who’d been President 20 years earlier in 1910 – their second ever President
    – I wouldn’t have checked the Centenary Book if I hadn’t seen the honour board

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