FGS and RootsTech 2015 – The Countdown is ON!

Can you believe that it is less than 5 months until the FGS and RootsTech Conferences. Actually 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days according to my countdown timer. That’s right folks, it’s not long, and we even have Christmas before that. So the time is guaranteed to fly by!

RootsTech Countdown Timer

February 11th to the 14th, (2015 of course) is when the FGS Conference is on, with RootsTech starting one day later on the 12th and running through till the 14th as well. It is being held again at the enormous, and IĀ  mean GINORMOUS, Salt Lake Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. It have even been moved to a new area within the Palace to make even more room for exhibitors. So with two conferences held at the same venue, at the same time, and the fact that its being held right in the heart of genealogyland (aka Salt Lake City) – surely this will pip UKs Who Do You Think You Are? Live to take top spot as being the world’s biggest genealogy event! Time will tell.

Salt Palace Convention Center

Salt Palace Convention Center

I have my accommodation booked, in one of those nice and handy hotels that is just across the street from the Salt Palace. So I will simply get up, have breaky, then walk out the door and over the road to the Salt Palace Conference Center! Nice eh! But it sure does pay to book your accommodation as early as you can.

I also booked my registration for both the FGS and RootsTech conferences while they had the early bird pricing, so that saved some dollars, which of course will be useful, as I’m still saving for my airfare. Going from Australia to the US (and back of course) sure ain’t cheap. Still it’s RootsTech, which is in America, so it’s got to be done!

some of the bling from RootsTech 2013

some of my conference bling from RootsTech 2013

I do believe that RootsTech 2015 will see another ‘invasion’ of the Aussies, as I know of a number that are making the long trek north,. Some for the first time, and others like me, who have been before, but had such a ball they couldn’t wait to go again!

Anyway I am seriously looking forward to catching up with my overseas geniebuddies again, while also meeting a heap of people I didn’t see last time. And this is despite me being the shy one who would normally be happy to sit in the corner. Putting it simply put, it’s ROOTSTECH. It’s enormous. It’s fun. And it is a total buzz. And you have to make the most of it! So my countdown is definately ON!

4 Responses to “FGS and RootsTech 2015 – The Countdown is ON!”

  1. Fran says:

    I’m glad another Aussie is going. I went last time and did not really know anyone so this year I am trying to read more Aussie blogs and get to know a few more genies before I go. Fran

    • Alona says:

      OOh Fran you’re going too? Cool, it’ll be awesome to finally meet you. The Aussies I know that are going are Jill, Helen, Caitlin and myself, but I’m sure others are too.

  2. When are you arriving in SLC? Look forward to seeing you there.

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