Family Tree Photo Wall Part 2: Almost Done

It was back in July this year that introduced you all to my Family Tree Photo Wall which really seemed to capture peoples attention, including Dick Eastman, as he even wrote about it, which was seriously cool! Anyway that was 3 1/2 months ago, and since then I’ve been working on it on occasions which is why it seems to have taken FOREVER. But I did set myself a goal of finishing it before Christmas,  and I’m pleased to say that it is almost finished.

So after nailing in 62 hooks, putting 62 frames up, using half a roll of electrical tape, as well as half a roll of sticky dots … I am almost done.

I say almost, as there’s still just a few photos I haven’t managed to track down yet … so that will be an ongoing effort. But apart from them, the tree itself is now complete apart from those. Oh yes, and a title. It needs a title. 1. because it does, and 2. to cover up the huge big hole in the wall from the previous picture that was there.

Rather than just “Our Family Tree” or “Our Ancestors” I was thinking more along the lines of “They Made Me Who I Am” … or “From Them, Came Us” …. but I’m still thinking. But if you have any big flashes of inspiration that pop into you head as a possible title, please let me know. I’d love to hear them.

Anyway on to the pics … ta-da!

my Family Tree Photo Wall, with lines all done, hook and frames all up, just need to find a few missing photos

my Family Tree Photo Wall, with lines all done, hooks and frames all up, just need to find a few missing photos

from a different angle

now just waiting for the ‘missing’ photos

So out of the 62 people in the tree, there are currently 10 that I don’t have a photo for. So as shameless cousin bait I’m listing those ten here – and I ask would you please help me please complete my Family Tree Wall. I do have information about all of these people, just not photos.
– Denis John COSGROVE b. 3 January 1857, Glenelg, SA, AUS
– Mary Ellen LUCAS b. c.1856 North Adelaide, SA, AUS
– Otto Edvard WINTER b. 4 January 1853, Helsinki, FINLAND
– Hedvik (Helena) WINBLAD/VINBLAD b. 20 July 1856, Mäntsälä, FINLAND
– Eva RICHARDSON b. 22 August 1860, Longford, TAS, AUS
– Mathilda (Emma) KUCHEL b. 5 March 1857 Kanmantoo (near Hahndorf), SA, AUS
– Johann (Wilhelm) PAECH b. c.1853 Kanmantoo (near Hahndorf), SA, AUS
– Edward ELPHICK b. 6 December 1847 Adelaide, SA, AUS
– Arthur Vincent ELPHICK b. 19 December 1882 Moonta, SA, AUS
– Frederick Flower/s GODSCHALL-JOHNSON b. 5 May 1846, St Omer, FRANCE

So while it might not be everyones thing. Mr Lonetester and I are very happy with the way it’s turned out. And I hope it might inspire others to as well.

You van view the full photo album of step-by-step photos either on my Lonetester Facebook page, or on my Google+ page.

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5 Responses to “Family Tree Photo Wall Part 2: Almost Done”

  1. Alan Phillips says:

    There are photos of
    – Mary Ellen LUCAS
    – Hedvik (Helena) WINBLAD/VINBLAD
    Not the others as far as I know on our side of the family
    Can’ t help with Daryl’s side though

  2. Pauleen says:

    Really fabulous effect Alona. Congratulations!!

  3. Daryl Elphick says:

    There will be plenty of pictures of AV Elphick in WA and E Elphick(maybe in the Moonta museum)
    Not sure about the others best to contact someone in WA ask Kay

    • Sally Elphick Edwards says:

      My grandfather is Arthur Vincent Elphick and my great grandfather is Edward Elphick, my grandma Jessie Sarah Elphick nee Godschall-Johnson is I think the daughter of Frederick Flower Johnson… mum (Josie Elphick) did a lot of work researching family history etc… but she has now gone in to a nursing home. I think my sister got rid of her family history stuff… I’m not sure if any other family members would have photos… Arthur had 8 children, 7 boys and 1 girl… my dad being one his sons… my cousin Colleen Russell (nee Elphick) in Bridgetown WA maybe able to help.. I think she did a bit of family history research.

  4. Eric W. Angloher says:

    From Whence we came

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